Welcome to the Work.Mama.Life (formerly Motherhood UnFcked) Podcast.

Welcome to the newly invented podcast, Work.Mama.Life.


In this podcast I will be chatting all things working mum life. How to navigate it, how to thrive through it, how to find some health and your self again. I will be joined by some amazing guests, but welcome to this new podcast adventure!

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Episode 53: Dr Hilary Claire - Nourishing Mothers & Environment 

Today I introduce you to Dr Hilary Claire, a clinical psychologist who specialises in nutritional and environmental medicine. She works specifically with mum's to help them move out of exhaustion, depletion and overwhelm, and towards a optimal motherhood. 


She blends nutritional supprot with supporting mums to become healthy and resilienct. She is a rockstar in low tox living, and the strategies you can employ as a busy mum to make this a reality. You can find out more about her at her website, where you can also buy her book, The Motherhood Reset.


Episode 52: Lou Duggan - Rising to the Top with Baker Girl Lou.

This week I get the absolute pleasure of chatting with Lou Duggan. Not only is she a sharp entrepreneur, growing her business Cakes 2 the Rescue exponentially over the last few years, she is also a mum to 3 amazing kids!

Lou Duggan is so proud of the life she is creating, how it shows her girls that they can achieve anything, and is vulnerably open about the role that her business played in pulling her out of the loneliness of motherhood.

I very much loved this chat, and I can't wait for you to hear it. 




Episode 51: Lauren Oliver - Connection is Key (as is wine). 

This weeks episode is with Lauren Oliver, the founder of Mums who Wine.She is a rockstar in the supporting mum's world, and has created a safe, inclusive and connected space for mum's all over Australia to feel connected again.

Mums Who Wine was founded by Lauren Oliver. As a mother of two young boys and working in a high stress, demanding corporate job, Lauren was constantly plagued with "mummy guilt" when she desired time for herself. It shortly became evident that without this time, Lauren was less effective, less nurturing and was slowly losing her identity outside of her role as "mum". Through Lauren's desire to connect with other mothers, she created a facebook group, which eventually became Mum's who Wine. 

We discuss her move from corporate world to this world, and some of the good and the bad of this motherhood gig!


Insta: https://www.instagram.com/mumswhowine_au/

Episode 50: Pillar 5: Mama Connection
Episode 49: Pillar 4: Sleep - the missing link of Motherhood
Episode 48: Pillar 3: Thinking Like a Calm Mum 

This bite sized episode is all about how to integrate small elements of calm into your day. As I recovered from my burnout journey, one of the greatest learnings was that I didn't need hours of meditation, I just needed to get regular calm into my system. 

These are my hot tips, and also... I open the doors to Work.Mama.Life.Lounge today. You can go and check it out here



Episode 47: Pillar 2: Moving like a Mother

Day 2 of our 5 Pillars week, and I am chatting all things movement.

This bite-sized episode chats about listening to the season of life that you are in, not 'over-exercising' if you are in high stress or burnout, and making sure that you do exercise that supports your system.

Tomorrow I open the doors to the Work.Mama.Life. Lounge - an online community full of amazing working mum's. You can get a sneak peek here www.draliyoung.com/lounge


Episode 46 - Pillar 1: Nourishing the Mother 

Welcome to the week of 5 Pillars. This week I will be dropping a short and sharp episode each day for all of those new listeners that are here from my book, Work.Mama.Life.


Today I am having a brief chat all about Nourish. The first pillar focuses on wholefoods, real food, and finding some balance. It's not about taking all the small things away, but is about having the balance and awareness that supports your sense of eating well.


Episode 45 - Victoria Edmond - Mother, Educator and Dedicated to Play

This weeks episode is a beaut. I first met this vivacious human 12 months ago, and my life is better for it. Victoria is all about supporting families to be their best, and it really shows. This episode we laugh, we chat and we have a hoot. 

The last ten years of Victoria’s life have been spent doing what she loves – working in early childhood education. She has worked across multiple disciplines in before and after school care, long day care, and finally settling into family day care which led her to the path of starting Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Service in 2013.

Working with her educators, she was faced with their everyday challenges. From this point, her passion grew to help educators release their frustrations around programming and assist them to get the many thoughts out of their heads and onto paper – that’s why she created the Big Hearted Education Planner! Finally, a book that has everything educators need to help them to be completely prepared and express their flair and creativity. We’ve also created a range of courses to support educators in their journey to empower them in being the best educator they can be.

When she is not focused on serving her community of educators, you can find her singing and spending time with her hubby and children.

Episode 44 - 
Episode 43 - Kelly Carthy - Mindful & Connected Motherhood 

This week I am joined by the amazing Kelly Carthy. The freshness and reality she is bringing to her connected leadership, her spot-on values, and the way she is navigating motherhood and work is great.

Of course she's had some challenges, and some really great moments too. This episode discusses how as mothers, honouring what we need, what works for us and our values systems is vital to have that awesome connection and vitality! 

You can follow Kelly on insta https://www.instagram.com/kelly_carthy

Or check out her work with Embodied Leaders at www.kellycarthy.com

I loved having her on the show. I hope you love it too!

Episode 42 - Welcome to Work.Mama.Life

Welcome to the newly invented podcast, Work.Mama.Life.


In this podcast I will be chatting all things working mum life. How to navigate it, how to thrive through it, how to find some health and your self again. I will be joined by some amazing guests, but welcome to this new podcast adventure! 

Episode 41 - Choose your own adventure 

In this final epsidoe of the podcast as we currently know it... don't worry there is a new episode next week... I'm chatting all about how as mum's, we have coices... and being able to choose our own adventure is critical to a 'sustainable' motherhood.

Join me for a quick chat about how we can do this, and how you can make an easy small change today begin your own adventure!

Episode 40 - Danielle Dobson - Breaking Down the Gender Code 

How amazing is this woman. Come on a discovery of Danielle's life work into breaking down the gender code that is so entrenched in our society. 

Danielle Dobson is an author, speaker and corporate coach, on a mission to break the Gender Code - that code of beliefs we hold as a society that says women are carers, and men are providers, and we are intrinsically different.


Danielle’s research into women in leadership found that the Gender Code underpins the inequality in our society today, particularly in the workplace. It also revealed why mothers make great leaders, and the valuable attributes they can bring into the workplace.


As a mother of three herself, Danielle has experienced firsthand the pressures of trying to ‘have it all’, and her research formed the basis of her book, Breaking the Gender Code, which gives women practical strategies to rewrite their own ‘code’ for creating the life they actually want.


Danielle works with organisations to help them unlock the potential of the women on their teams, and to attract the right female talent, creating more equality around leadership opportunities in the workplace. She also helps busy parents to understand how to get a better balance between life and work, and to create more equality in both the workplace and the home.


Find out more about Danielle and her book, Breaking the Gender Code, at:  https://www.codeconversations.com.au

Episode 39 - My Burnout & Recovery Story 

Have you ever wondered what burnout feels and presents like as a mum? And how in the hell a health practitioner got there without even realising?

In this episode I share my story of burnout, and how I learnt so many new tools and tricks as I navigated my way out it... Working Mama Style.

If this episode inspires you to check out Mama Reset course go to draliyoung.com/mamareset to find more information.

Episode 38 - 2022 I Love YOU!

Welcome back to 2022! I am so excited to be here with you on this journey of motherhood health. This week I have a quick chat about what's happening in our world, a chat about holidays and why we might all be starting our year off that little bit more exhausted than we anticipated, and how going slow can really help us to speed up.

This week is my Slow Down Mama Challenge, so I also chat about that and how the Mama Reset opens next week. 


I can't wait to hear your thoughts on my big goals for this year!

Episode 36 - Saving your SELF this Christmas

Christmas is known as one of 6 most stressful life events - and we do it every year. I mean seriously, how have we got here as a human race. 

I remember the magic of christmas as a kid, but I didn't see all the behind the scenes that went into it. With the increased stress and decreased resilience we are seeing over the last 2 years, these are my top tips to arm yourself for a low stress christmas. 

If you want a more in depth look at Saving your Christmas, go to www.draliyoung.com/SOSChristmas for my free workshop

Episode 35 - Milina Opsenica - Menstrual Education & Motherhood 

Milina Opsenica brings a freshness to the conversations around the beginning of our menstruation, and as a mum facing this sometime in the next few years, it was refreshing to have some tools to navigate it with!

Milina is a mother of three, living in a small coastal town on the east coast of Australia.
As a menstrual cycle educator she works with mothers and their preteen daughters, educating and empowering girls to prepare for and embrace their period and help them understand the change their body is about to go through.  It’s her mission to teach women, young and old, to understand and trust their bodies, not be ashamed of their periods, and to be comfortable with the changes they are going through,  Both through menarche; our first period, and peri-menopause; the final years of bleeding.



Episode 34 - Sleep Like a Mama

Sleep is one of the biggest struggles of mum life. We stay up to have that precious alone time, or we get woken up what feels like at least a million times every night.

In this episode, I dive into our sleep. Why it's important for our health, and some hot tips to make it better... even when it feels like it never will get any improvement. 

I've also created a download for you, just for sleep. You can get it at www.draliyoung.com/mamasleep

Have an amazing day!

Episode 33 - Jen Dugard - Breaking Down the BS Myths of Motherhood Exercise.

 Jen Dugard is a Fitness Professional who trains fitness professionals through her Mum Safe training programs. In this episode we chat about:

- body confidence

- "back to pre-baby bodies"

- the good mother myth

- pelvic floor function and poo

- the signs to look for in a fitness professional if you are a post-partum mum 

This is a great chat we had on all things exercise, fitness, self image and health. I really hope you totally love it like I did.


Instagram: @jendugard

Episode 32 - Dreaming of Your Motherhood

In this episode I chat about our dreams of what our motherhood would look like before we have kids... and then how we don't really give ourselves the opportunity to dream afterwards.

Who are we in the lens of mothering, and who are we outside of that? What would we dream for ourself now, knowing what we do?

This quick chat is designed to make you ponder, become curious and explore the shift's that occur in our mindset and our life when we begin on our motherhood journey. I really hope you enjoy it.

Episode 31 - Lisa Corduff - Motherhood as a Change Agent

Lisa Corduff joins me today to discuss her motherhood journey. How leaning into her motherhood, and the journey as a solo mum of three has led her to self-discovery and now helping 1000's of women around the world with her Ready for Change program (it's open now, www.lisacorduff.com )

Lisa Corduff helps women upgrade their mindset, get unstuck, and change the stuff that’s not working in their life. A solo mum of 3, she’s all about skipping straight to the hacks and techniques that actually work, while avoiding the perfectionism and overwhelm that can so easily keep us trapped. Check out her website and podcast, or come say hello on Instagram and Facebook for more.


Website: https://lisacorduff.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisacorduff/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LisaCorduff1/

Podcast: Conversations with Lisa - https://lisacorduff.com/podcast/

Episode 30 - Burn Bright, Not Out

Hey Mama!

This episode is for you if you've been feeling overwhelmed, tired, fatigued and on the precipice of the Term 4 crazies. As mum's, our light source can be stretched thin easily, and what we need to do is focus on stoking our own flames.

In this weeks episode I will have a chat all about how we can burn bright, without burning ourselves out. How as mum's, it's really important for us to be able to burn brightly for our own health and self, not just that of those around us. 

I will be hosting an inperson retreat on October 30th for anyone in CQ, www.draliyoung.com/bright I can't wait to see you there if you are ready to immerse yourself in a day of self care, knowledge acquisition and community with other mum's. 

Episode 29 - Sammi Jaeger - Date Forever - The Mum Edition

Sammi Jaeger joins us today to chat about the elephant in the room, dating your spouse when you have kids. I remember the days where we were struggling through the early years, not a babysitter in sight, and the thought of going on a date was mind-blowing to us.

Sammi runs the Fuel Collective with her husband Nath and is the co-host of the Date Forever Podcast. She is borderline obsessed with the way the quality of our relationships impacts the quality of our lives. Sammi uses her unique blend of knowledge on businesses, relationships and contribution to work towards creating a better world. Sammi is a huge advocate of the UN Global Goals and knows that to make true global progress, it starts with the quality of our relationships.


In todays epic discussion we have a pretty good look at how our relationships can alter and change when we have kids. I hope you enjoy the show!


You can find Sammi on insta  https://www.instagram.com/sammisomewhere/ 

or the Fuel Collective on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thefuelcollective

Episode 28 - 9 Ways to Overcome Exhaustion as a Working Mum 

In this episode I'll be sharing with you my 9 ways to overcome exhaustion. As a working mum, there are often days where we have to drag ourselves out of bed, look for the 6 cups of coffee, and hope to hell that all of our ducks line up in a row.

Today I take you on a bit of a journey. A journey to look at 9 simple tools that you can choose 1 or 2 of to turn your day around, and to reset that exhaustion factor. I really hope you enjoy the episode. 

And if you want more awesome info like this, make sure you sign up for the newsletter www.draliyoung.com

Episode 27 - Tara Solberg - Navigating Business & Family Connection

Tara Solberg is the most #humble woman I know. She has created a multi-million dollar lifestyle and homewares store, Few & Far, and also runs a wholesale homewares business too.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tara all about her journey of motherhood combined with business, and how she manages the juggle. Yes there's the tough days and the easy days. Her combination of family support and committed connection with her kids and husband is extraordinary. 

I really hope you enjoy our chat. You can find out more about Tara and her online course for retailers at https://www.tarasolberg.com

Episode 26 - Donna Hann - How Motherhood & Business Can Thrive

In this weeks episode, I welcome the amazing Donna Hann from She's In Business in to chat about her motherhood journey, her business journey, and how she had to get really accountable and attuned to herself in order to allow her true passion to thrive.

Whilst she navigated a tough time in her relationship, living on the other side of the country to a lot of her family, and a burgeoning desire to do more, she created a beautiful dance studio. Now she has moved into the world of supporting mums to have their own business and to support themselves!

You can find out more about Donna at https://www.donnahann.com


Episode 25 - Sharon Collon - ADHD & The Functional Family

Sharon Collon chats with us today about her exceptional journey into motherhood as the wife of an ADHD man and the mother to three boys with ADHD. She felt incredibly lost at the beginning of her motherhood journey as she navigated these challenges, which led her to create The Functional Family.

Sharon is passionate about helping parents have functional and fun lives when they have children with behavioural challenges. Sharon specialises in practical strategies and helping exhausted parents.

When her first son was diagnosed with ADHD she felt incredibly alone. There was information about how to help the child, but there was nothing on how to support the parents. The journey of raising her beautiful boys with ADHD was isolating and exhausting. The stress affected her health.

She realised that she was only surviving each day and things had to change. She began researching ADHD and using her corporate background and love of procedures and organisation to develop systems and routines to make life easier for herself and the ADHD brain. She realised that she could change the environment around her children to work with their strengths.

Sharon's company, The Functional Family, has assisted over 15,000 families. She has created online support groups where parents can ask questions, connect and support each other. She offers one on one coaching, a regular blog and an incredible 6 week online program, ADHD and Families.

She wants to help parents get back their time and energy, but most importantly create space for the good stuff!


Episode 24 - Angela Lockwood - Creating Calm in the Mother World

Today we chat about all things calm and motherhood. We explore Angela's journey from crazy busy business owner to a choice in her motherhood, and how this experience led her to create her calm movement.

 Angela Lockwood is an Occupational Therapist who for the last 20 years has been working alongside teachers in classrooms focusing on Occupational Therapy work around inclusivity. She has authored two business self-help books, "The Power of Conscious Choice" and "Switch Off and Find Calm".

She is a regular media commentator with her expert commentary on Channel 9 Today EXTRA, The Australian Financial Review, Good Health Magazine, Huffington Post, Mamamia, Radio 2UE and numbers parenting and lifestyle publications. Her regular segment on The Luke and Susie Show is syndicated across Australia.

Today she brings her wealth of knowledge to us. You can contact Angela [email protected] or seek her out www.angelalockwood.com.au

Episode 23 - Sarah Hopkins - Nourishing the Mother  

Sarah Hopkins joins us to impart her wisdom on the female body and nutrition. Sarah has been working with mum's for fertility and postpartum nutrition for years. She is a CHEK qualified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach with  passion for holistic health. Over the last 10 years, Sarah has helped hundreds of women improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Through her coaching sessions, workshops and podcast she shares practical and long-term strategies for improved health and vitality.

Web: www.health-wellbeing.com.au

Instagram: @shopkinshealth

Facebook: @shopkinshealthwellbeing

Podcast podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/elevate/id439651931

Episode 22 - Stressland - a new Motherhood Conundrum 

In this episode Dr Ali(chiro) has a discussion about Stress and Motherhood. How it impacts us? How it can subversively creep up without us even knowing... and how it can affect our health.

Stress is a minefield of body and mental change, and when we throw in the load of mothering to the mix, it can really change the dynamic of our personal self and within our family.

Enjoy this chat, and if you would like some guidance on navigating stress, then come along to the free workshop on Wednesday 28th July - Getting out of Stressland.

You can sign up at www.draliyoung.com/stressland

Episode 21 - Roslyn Ranse - Travel, Motherhood & Doing It Your Way 

Roslyn Ranse is a powerhouse travel agent who has spent years helping other people travel and indulging her own love of travel. When she became a mother, she was committed to making it work for her lifestyle, which includes a bulk load of travel (well until the last 18 months).

In this episode, we explore the role of personal conviction and values in making decisions for your mothering. There are society norms, and then there is Ros... doing it the way that worked for her. Ros is the owner of Travel Agent Achievers, and has designed her life to work for her family and herself. She has designed a step-by-step six week framework to help travel agents affected by loss of revenue to COVID-19 get back on track, find their mojo and rebuild the travel business of their dreams.

Roslyn lives in Port Macquarie, Australia with her husband and son. Having spent several years traveling the world for work, she now enjoys a healthy work/life balance with a team, allowing her to work on her own terms.

Website - www.travelagentachievers.com
Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/travelagentachievers/
Instagram Page - https://www.instagram.com/travelagentachievers/
Travel Agent Achievers Podcast on iTunes - https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/travel-agent-achievers-to-educate-encourage-empower/i d1469195853

Episode 20 - Dr Alison Asher - Navigating Your Values in Motherhood 

Episode 20 with Dr Alison Asher dives deep into the role of mother when your child is born with a lifelong blood disorder. How do we navigate our own personal values when we are faced with something we could neither anticipate nor plan for until it began to happen.

Alison Asher has been a chiro since 1995, and after setting up in Melbourne, she moved to Sunshine Beach in 2001, working in a busy multi-doctor practice until she had kids, and her life changed forever. She wanted to spend time with them.. they totally changed her life.

She runs a successful Membership and Coaching biz for women who want to live the lives of their dreams Chicks Who Click. She is someone who has tried it all, and cut out all the crap. CWC is fun and workable content to help you juggle family life and business life, while still taking care of YOU.



Episode 19 - Dr Sophie Brock - Unravelling Modern Motherhood 

Dr Sophie Brock joins us today to share her amazing wisdom in mothering. Whilst being a mother, her journey began long before her personal motherhood story did, and we discuss all the ways she was influenced to explore this.

She is one of my personal motherhood mentors, and she explains so beautifully the way that 'mothers' are expected to act in the current social climate, and how as mothers, we can choose our own adventure.

 Dr Sophie Brock is a Motherhood Studies Sociologist and single Mother to her 3yo daughter, living in Sydney, Australia. She works with both mothers and professionals who support mothers, to understand the ways mothers’ experiences are socially and culturally shaped. Sophie advocates for the liberation of Motherhood and support for empowered practices of mothering, through her online courses, membership, mentoring, certification program and podcast - The Good Enough Mother.

To connect further - 


@drsophiebrock on Instagram and Facebook

[email protected]

Episode 18 - Anna Cusack - Unlocking Motherhood for our Health and Self 

Anna Cusack is a Motherhood Revolutionist. As an author, podcaster, blogger and social media creator, Anna reaches thousands of women every year with evidence-based information and inspirational content. Her work explores the emotional underbelly and physiological processes of being a mother, and shines a light on the sociocultural processes that effect our experiences of motherhood. Anna combines her knowledge in areas such as traditional postpartum care, breastfeeding, motherhood studies and exercise physiology to guide women through their early years of mothering. 


You can find her on the “Motherhood Made Magic” podcast, at www.annacusack.com.au and on all the usual socials as @annacusackpostpartum. Her book “Mama, You’re Not Broken: Unmasking the Unspoken Emotions of Modern Motherhood” is available worldwide through Amazon

Episode 17 - Jen Dugard - Motherhood and Safe Return to Exercise

Jen Dugard from Body Beyond Baby joins us this week for a great chat about her motherhood journey, and how being a fitness professional was impacted by her own journey.

She drops some truth bombs about relationships with your partner too, and how the stress of parenting and motherhood can change things significantly... and how being true to yourself is so vital.

Jen has transitioned from teaching mothers to be fit to teaching the fitness professionals how to work with postpartum mothers. She is widely regarded as one of the best in her field.

You can find Jen on insta  @jendugard, or at her website, where she has directories for mum's on finding professionals to support them, and for fitness professionals looking to up level their game. You can go there bodybeyondbaby.com

She has also authored a book, How To Love Your Body as Much as Your Baby, and I personally can't wait to read this one.

Enjoy the Episode!

Season 2 - Episode 16 - Dr Ali Young - The Amazing Mother Brain

Welcome back to Season 2 of the Motherhood Unfcked Podcast! Today is a quick introductory chat about the amazing changes that your brain goes through when you are pregnant, to prep you for motherhood.


Like... did you even know that? This chat is inspired by the works of Dr Sarah McKay, as I've just completed her In Her Brain course.


Enjoy the listen, and season 2.

Episode 15 - Dr Ali Young - Escaping the RARA of Motherhood

In the final episode for season 1 Dr Ali discusses the things that she does to decrease the RARA of motherhood. To alter her stress zone, to keep her sleep functioning, to beat her yelly and tired self. 


These tips will help you escape the RUSH, the RARA and infuse a bit of love and care in your self to help you infuse it into your motherhood.


Season 2 will drop soon!!

Episode 14 - Caitlin Marwaha - From SAHM to Super Stylist 

In this episode Dr Ali interviews Caitlin Marwaha, super stylist, all about her mindset shift from SAHM to entrepreneur. Caitlin is a mum to two gorgeous kiddo's, lives in Melbourne Australia, and is a personal fashion stylist, a virtual style coach, a membership owner and a course creator.

She has a thriving online style membership, the CM Style Squad, and is all over instagram and tiktok with her amazing tips for every body type. In this chat, we explore what shaped her motherhood journey, how she isn't the mother she thought she would be, and how these choices have led her on a magic carpet ride to following her hearts passion!


Instagram: @bycaitlinanne

Episode 13 - Dr Keltie Warren - Mum Guilt in the time of Covid

Exploring the deep relationship to Motherhood, Career and Mum Guilt

Dr Keltie Warren is a chiropractor from Nova Scotia Canada. She's a mum of 3 beautiful kiddo's, and has a home practice which is centred around her core passion of helping others to reach their maximum potential in life.

During Covid, and the immediacy of lockdown with her family, she began to explore how her career was just as important as her mum time, and how she felt elements of guilt around wanting what was outside the expected norm. She is a living representation of breaking away from The Perfect Mother Myth.


Episode 12 - Bridget Johns - How Clutter Free Living can Transform your Motherhood 

In this episode Bridget Johns from Be Simply Free explores how living a clutter free life can free up your mind, your day, and your soul. As a city girl turned into a country girl through love, we chat about the shift within herself as a mother, and one of the main things that really helped her on her motherhood journey.

There are some absolute gems in this episode that really bring together the concept of health linking to our surroundings, but also to our inner sense of wellbeing. 

You can find Bridget at 




Episode 11 - Stacey Hughes - Nutrition, Fussy Eaters and Mum Life

 In this episode, Dr Ali talks with Stacey Hughes. She is the director of CQ Nutrition, a leading chain of dietitian clinics across Queensland. Together with husband Chris, Stacey has grown the business from a single clinic to a chain of five (and growing).

The flagship program of CQ Nutrition is the SCOOD Health Challenge and Online Course, which gives participants the chance to win huge cash prizes as a motivator to complete the online weight loss course. Most importantly, every participant is supported and coached to lose weight the healthy way—and keep it off.

When not launching challenges and managing a team of fifteen staff, Stacey is a busy mum of four. Interestingly, Stacey and her husband chose a gender selection process for their fourth child... you can listen all about it in the pod.

Fun fact: she owns every Jamie Oliver cookbook, is a coffee addict and even trained as a barista to perfect the art of making coffee! 

Episode 10 - Laurel Makowem - Mothers Teaching Money 

In this episode I am joined by the amazing Laurel Makowem, from Mothers Teaching Money. Laurel is the founder of Mothers Teaching Money, a business and movement showing mothers that regardless of their own financial upbringing, beliefs, mindset, knowledge or situation, they are capably of raising financially independent and financially free adult's.

Laurel's mission is to show as many mothers as possibly they are 100% capable of teaching their own children the skills, habits and mindset they will need to be able to make educated and informed financial choices as adults.

In this episode we explore Laurel's own parenting journey, and how this has directed her work on financially savvy children. I really hope you enjoy!

Episode 9 - Matrescence: The Journey of Becoming a Mother 

In this episode Dr Ali takes a look at what is Matrescence. She takes a look at what it is that shifts a woman to a mother, some of the great times, some of the challenges.  

This episode highlights 11 ways to support a mother as she journeys through matrescence and into the sphere of motherhood. How support looks different for everyone, and different ways we may need it.

Episode 8 - Dr Katelyn McGregor - Intuitive Mothering without your Own Mum

 Katelyn McGregor is a mumma with passion and vast experience in all things pregnancy, birth & beyond. A health educator & Chiropractor, her practice Pioneer Family Chiropractic is a Chiropractic leader in the care of pregnant woman, babies & children. Katelyn was the first and now longest serving practitioner at The Birth House in Geelong and has stood proudly beside the team there to deliver care, education and support to families as they navigate pregnancy, birth & their parenting journey. Katelyn’s extensive presentation experience has seen her offer mentoring & professional development to both midwives and Chiropractors across Australia & beyond, but her greatest teachers have, and always will be, the women she is blessed to journey beside.

You can follow Dr Katelyn on instagram or facebook through Pioneer Family Chiropractic.

Episode 7 - Yours, Mine & Ours... with Melissa Marsden 


Melissa Marsden is an Interior Architect with a difference. Not only is she a mum with an amazing blended family of yours, mine and ours (don't worry, this makes way more sense on the podcast), she is also owns the amazing COMUNIiTI - a design firm shaping spaces to shape lives.

Melissa's mothering journey, her return to work and her family structure are amazing to learn from, and how she has navigated all of this without losing sight of her sense of self, her values and what make her tick is really inspiring. 

I really hope you love this episode as much as I loved recording it. 



Episode 6 - Jen Cuttriss bringing her solid Gold on Intuitive Sleep

This weeks interview is with the amazing Jennifer Cuttriss. Not only is she a registered nurse and a certified sleep consultant, she is also the mother to three babes... and one of my expat hood.

In this episode we dive deep into the intuitive foundations of child sleep, and how each child even within each family brings their own sleep patterns along. We discuss how support can make all the difference, and that you aren't on your own as a mum with a child that can't sleep.

She is based in Perth, and you can find out all the good bits about her consultancy (which can be done online and internationally) here. 

She's also pretty great on insta!.

I really hope you enjoy this chat.

Episode 5 - A Challenge for Your Soul, not your Body 

This episode is all about YOU... as a human. A human who may feel lost, overwhelmed and angry since she had her kids, and why the 5 day Mama Challenge isn't a bootylicious rump-shaking, skinny creating challenge.

It's deeper than that, it's about your Soul. Who you are as a human? That part of you that may be lost, that has disappeared when you became a mama... and how to get that back!

I hope this episode answers a bit of the why for you!

Episode 4 - Conscious Motherhood and a Million Dollar Business

Tina Tower is a powerhouse of a business woman. She is also a powerhouse Mum. This interview dives deeply into how she has carved a motherhood journey that is nothing like her own, how conscious awareness of both what she did and didn't want has helped her navigate parenting her kids.

We discuss the elusive work/life balance, and how you can, with an amazing support team and brilliant time management, make it work. And of course... there are little slip ups along the way!

Enjoy the listen!

You can check her out here!

Episode 3 - Values & Vitality 

Have you ever wondered why your values matter so much? Especially as a mum when you are time poor, and doing things for yourself can be really tricky to navigate? Motherhood can really make us lost to ourselves, and this is all about rediscovering that power for yourSELF!

In this episode Dr Ali talks about how discovering your values can actually drive better vitality (yep, she talks about that too) outcomes. How this can be ultimately life changing for you!

It also gives you a taster for her ultimate free workshop Values & Vitality, which you can join here. 

Episode 2 - Top 5 Tips to get Back to School


Back to School can be a really tricky time for families to navigate. The kids can either love it or hate it, there's a million things to do, and it always seems to sneak up on us. Especially for parents navigating the first few years of primary school, where all the feelings can really jump out at you, this has all the tips you need.

This weeks podcast will discover the Top 5 tips to get back to school. It covers logistics. But also some great support elements if you have kids that find it all a bit tricky. Or if you do too.

My hope is that families find this transition seamless, and able to find a little bit of joy... or at the very least a lot less stressful for all involved.

Episode 1 - Dr Ali and her Motherhood Journey

This episode is all about your presenter, Dr Ali Young, and her motherhood journey. Moving from her career as a chiropractor to selling her practice to moving overseas to having her first child all in a 12 month period definitely shaped a different motherhood for her.

There were struggles, there were strong realisations about motherhood, how it shaped her, and how she really relied on a tribe of women to support her in it too! 

In this episode, you will hear all about mothering from someone in the thick of it, and why it has prompted her to launch UnFck Motherhood, to shake off the society shackles and carve your own path forward. 


Episode 0 - Welcome to Motherhood UnFcked

Are you searching for an unfcked motherhood experience?

Do you crave a connection with other mums, and a real experience, that is different to the myth of Perfect Motherhood?

Are you ready to embrace a tribe of women all sharing the same journey?

Then this podcast is for you! Come along for the ride!


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