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Dr Ali author of Work.Mama.Life. Presents the 

Burn Bright, Not Out Workshop

A 1-day immersion program for busy mums to rediscover the spark within and fan the flames of thriving motherhood!

Mums Shine Bright.

Retreats confirmed for Awoonga Dam, October 23rd, 2022. Get on waitlist below!

Rediscover your inner BRILLIANCE and become your own source of LIGHT, as we illuminate stories of motherhood, expectations and burnout. 

Imagine this ...

Spending one magnificent day dedicated to YOU!! 


Prioritising your own oxygen mask - nourishing your amazing self with movement, knowledge, connection, play, and space to rethink, rediscover and reawaken what lights your inner brilliance.  


Sharing the company of women, like you, who know the importance of joy, health and tribe.  


Hanging lakeside, able absorb in food and conversation that is not only good for your body but good for your soul.

Lean into the knowledge of Dr Ali as we open up conversation about the true realities of motherhood, how they shape us, and how we can shape them, to empower our intuitive mothering journey.   


Gain smart, simple tools you can immediately apply to sustain your thriving motherhood experience. 


Your invited to join Dr Ali and her exceptional guest presenters if you are: 

  • a brand-new mumma or a mother of a tribe of your own,
  • a mother juggling "all the things", leaving you with very little time to care for your wellbeing
  • a mother who wants to stressless, even when life throws everything at you, 
  • a mother who wants to feel energised and well, even when you're busy putting on everyone else's oxygen mask. 
  • working like a mother and want to connect and revive your innate brilliance and light.
  • a mother who just needs some well deserved "you" time, your heart, your body and your brian can already feel the ease and positive shift this experience would create within and around you. 


It's time to rediscover the spark within & fan the flames of thriving motherhood.


I’m here to shake things up with you so you can create the positive changes you want and deserve. 

This is motherhood like you’ve never done it before.  

Yes, I'm ready to Burn Bright! ($297 single payment)
Yes I'm Ready to Burn Bright ($99 x 3 months)

Meet Dr Ali.

Dr Ali is a Chiropractor on a mission to help mum's the world over reclaim their health and self and throw off burnout. She is an AHPRA registered health professional, and has completed extra certifications in working with Mum's. 


You can find out more about her here!

Meet our Guest Presenters.

 Courtney Morrison - A mumma on a mission to make a measurable difference for organisational and individual well-being and positive change.  A beacon of calm, Courtney's playbox combines the latest in positive psychology, wellbeing science, yoga, breathing, NLP & hypnosis.   

Announcement of our other guest presenters coming soon!

Chantell Sherrard - The mama creator of Ivy&Gwen candles, Chantell is coming to share her exquisite creations in a hands-on workshop designed just for you. Connecting back into your sense of self and soul, and coming away with a reminder you can use each and every day to bring you back to this amazing day.  


I"m here for you!

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