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Uncategorized Jun 23, 2022

Breaking down the barriers on talking about poo -  is really important. Just like bringing the reality of real life working motherhood to the fore, we need to talk about our bodies too, the good the bad and the smelly.

In the WML Lounge I'll be hosting the monthly masterclass on Thursday 30th June at 8pm. I'll be diving into poo, but also, and I think more importantly, gut health as a mum, what it looks like, how to maintain it, and the easy supportive things we can do each day/week/month that will help to create ongoing ease. 

In the second half of this year I'll be creating more opportunities to work with me at one day Mama's Retreat's. Coming together with other amazing supports, the Retreat day is designed to learn, move, create, eat good food and connect together. If 1 day dedicated to YOU speaks to your Mama heart and you are keen to learn more join our Burn Bright Waitlist to be the first to hear about it! 

Most importantly gorgeous mama, I just wanted to remind you of how amazing you are. Inside out, above down, you have totally got this.

My vision is not to just give you tools, but help you unlock your why ... as to why you are doing the hard yards of the Working Mother gig, and to help you figure out who you are being.

When we can listen in to our heart and soul with empathy and kindness for ourself, and then have tools that we use to unlock this in our daily doing... this is where the magic lies.

I love supporting you however I can. 

Much Love Mama,

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama and Busy Brain Supporter xo


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