Chaos in all it's forms

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2022

What does Chaos look like?

Sometimes it's not just the obvious.

Chaos isn't just running around with our hands in the air screaming at the world (but that can be fun sometimes can't it). Or having a house that is a full 💩-tip... you know those days where the dishes and the washing and all the things are piled up. 

Chaos can also be a freeze state. You know those moments in time where everything is so hard that we just do nothing. It's a neurological state and can be a sign of so many things (don't worry too much about the, we'll cover it in the challenge).

Or that we run away from the smallest hurdle, because any other object seems insurmountable to overcome, so best not to think about it.

Chaos can be jumping quickly from one thing to another without properly finishing off one... or working so hard at one thing we become singularly focused and can't do anything else. 

Chaos isn't just the crazy.

Chaos has so many levels.

Come and join me to embrace the chaos together. 

Starting Monday we are going to spend 5 days looking at chaos, at our health, and how to find elements of calm in our world to embrace ourselves, our environments, our workplaces and our families.

Much mama Love,

Dr Ali

Working Mama, Chiro, and Calm Supporter!


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