Chaos to Calm Challenge


Are you ready to escape the CHAOS and discover some CALM in your world?


Is your world hurly burly all the time, and you have that inescapable manic feeling rising up time to time... knowing there is so much to do... and so little time?

I see you.


Let me guide you to re-establish calm. Not just on the outside, but deep within your body. In this 5 day challenge we will explore the role that a calm nervous system, brain and vagus will play in establishing calm within our body.

Each day will be a small task to recognise, retrace and respond in a different way. To flip our switch from fright/flight to calm/fun/rest.

This challenge should guide you to kick that Chaos to the curb, and find some calm again. And if you know me... there will be a fusion of fun and knowledge thrown in for good measure!

This challenge is all about YOU! It is all about doing 5 days of simple things to change yourself... If we can do it now... .we can do it anytime!


5 days that will help you reconnect with that mother inside of you, that calm connected and busy working mum. 5 days to discover a little more about YOU... and how important YOU are!

I'm ready to Embrace my Calm Side
I'm ready to embrace Calm for only $7

Whats in the Challenge?

This challenge is 5 days to move from CHAOS to CALM. It will involve 5 SIMPLE things you can do, one new one each day, to help your Working MotherHood experience be more fulfilling, gratifying and possibly even EASY (did I just say that), than it currently is.

As a Chiropractor working with mums and kids for over 19 years, there are some really easy steps we can take to calm ourselves, our brains, our bodies... but also our world!

 I've been using these simple tools with mums for years, and I can't wait to share them with you.

The challenge involves a short video and an email daily for 5 days, beginning on the 12th September. All you have to do is login on your app or online her up and see what magic you are going to use to create calm in your world.

And what I love about it... its only $7 (seriously with all these price rises my coffee nearly costs that much)!

Its easy!

You don't need special equipment or friends... just a warm virtual hug from a group of committed working mums trying to work hard on themselves to be the best they can for their family. 

In the Facebook Group (Work.Mama.Life. MotherHOOD) are the Bonus parts... I'll be popping in with some extra love and fun stuff during the week! Join the Challenge to part of the FUN!


The best thing is... there are PRIZES!!

And the prize isn't all about who is the best at doing it... you just have to join in and give it a go! Everyone who responds to each day goes into the draw, and the winners are randomly selected!

1st Prize - A free enrolment into the Working Mama Reset course ($497), a free book (Work.Mama.Life.)($29) and a 30 minute one-one-one coaching call ($199) (value $725)

2nd Prize - a FREE enrolment into the Working Mama Reset Course ($497) and copy of my book Work.Mama.Life. (total value $526)

3rd Prize - a copy of my book Work.Mama.Life. (value $29)

And the even greater thing is, that the HOOD never closes. This group will continue on, full of likeminded women all striving to improve their 'inside job' to mother in a way that is intuitive to them, great for their health, and amazing for their family connections! 

So come and Join Me and all the other mama's in the Challenge! Come and find your HOOD... start to discover those parts of you that are hiding, not coming to the surface... and embrace the CALM whilst kicking the CHAOS to the Curb! 

I'm in! Lets do this $7 Chaos to Calm Challenge