Getting out of Stressland!

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2021

So... Stressland. That conversation that a lot of us don't want to have, but it really really drives a lot of our days.

Just like you, I have those days where I wake up stressed, and I feel like before I even set foot on the ground, there is an internal groundswell of angst and frustration that I just can't put my finger on.

Sometimes I can relate it to my cycle (but call me lucky, this is a rarity for me). Sometimes I can relate it to a shitty nights sleep, where my kids have got me out of bed to walk them to the toilet (or in the good ol' days, to feed them and change their bum).

Sometimes I can relate it to too much caffeine the day before, which really impacts on my sleep quality. Or a glass or two of wine with dinner the night before - jeepers that sugar and alcohol wake up at 3am can be brutal can't it.

But sometimes I just can't seem to place my finger on the why of it. Why I'm feeling it. 

Yet here I am, stressing out and getting frustrated for no reason at all.

So the questions are, what brings me here ?

Is it a mis-alignment in my values?

Is it poor intentional choices in my day to day?

Is it intensity of mothering driving me bonkers? (yes... this is a thing).

Or is it just life.. coz fuck me, we've all had those weeks and months haven't we.

I mean seriously... if I can get through the last few months, sweeties, we can fucking do ANYTHING! (One day I will share this journey, but we aren't in a time or place to go there quite yet, but lets' just say I didn't know I was quite THAT resilient 😂✌).

But you know what this has armed me with.... skills, knowledge, and a now firsthand experience on how to get through the stress and bring vitality and choices back into your world.

And THIS.... this ability to switch into resilience, to identify the hardness and the sinking into STRESSLAND... this is what I want to share with you all.

So I've created a free webinar - Stressland, all about getting ourselves out of stress land. No special sauce, just the simple ways we can do this.

I know you can see the other side of this stress patch - its bloody glorious! Trust me... I know!

This patch of stress I've been through though, this doesn't mean that I won't get stressed again, or be faced with things that are challenging or full of adversity, but me writing this down, creating this for you, this helps me too. 

Because we all need reminders of how to thrive afterwards. It's kinda like how our kids have a developmental growth spurt within 3 weeks of being sick in their first few years (its a proven thing, but also... did you just have a think about it)....

Maybe it's time for us to blossom into our new self after our stressland time in Motherhood. And if you are in it... well lets get out of it together!

If you feel you could benefit from this, even in 1 small way... see you there!

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama and Self love queen.


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