Are You Ready To Slow Down Mama?

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2022

After continuing my move through burnout, getting my book finalised, and finishing out the year with a much needed holiday, I'm ready to help all of you embrace the slow!

Introducing the NEW Slow Down Mama challenge ! In this 5 days beginning 7th Feb we will learn how to slow ourselves & create some calm, connection and health back into our year.

I don't know about you, but the end of 2021 was a shit-show. It was hard. The uncertainty heading into christmas of travel and border closures... all of those things, was really tough.

On top of that, mum life, Christmas shopping and planning, working, trying to not drink too much to get your health from derailing over the new years... all the things.

Anyway, my time away allowed me to reflect on how important it is to slow myself when I fell the busyness creeping in again.

How important it is for my:

  • brain
  • health
  • connection with family
  • connection with self
  • sleep 

All the things.

And I want to bring those life hacks to you. The simple things that I use to slow myself when it's time, so i can get ready to speed up.

If you feel like you are already careening towards a burnout and super stressful 2022, I invite you to join me.

Join me in finding some ways to slow when it's time, and when to allow yourself the space to expand forward because you've given your body the gift of slowness and calm.

Like all of my 5 day challenges, it's free. If you are chasing some more calm and slow, yet you don't want to stop the working mum life you love, or you know it needs to change so you can do it, then come and join me.

Doors are open now to register, slowness begins 7th Feb.

Ali xo


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