Uncategorized Jun 12, 2022

The idea of having both a career and a motherhood, combined with being able to look after you drives all those mum guilt feels doesn't it.

Like how the hell can we have it all?

The shade thrown at mum's globally for desiring to be both a mother and have a career/job is huge. The way that we have been driven to feel bad for wanting to do these things is notable, and not serving any of us well.

One of the key elements of the Working Mama Reset is that we are able to identify where in our lens of our self we are listening to these stories that don't serve us. And then figure out what really actually does matter to us and how we can get this into our day.

Beginning with this allows us to figure out a different story, and discover the inner truth we have. We can get our intuition back on track, we can listen in to our inner voice, and we can begin to infuse the things that make us happy and joyful into our days.

Figuring all of this out before we begin exploring the 5 Pillars of Healthy Motherhood is the key to long lasting change!

If you're ready to combine your career, your health and your mothering, and explore how this will work best for you, then make sure you jump into the reset. 

Love to see you in there!

Much Mama Love

Dr Ali

Chiro, Sparker of you and Champion for working mum's everywhere


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