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Guiding you to reclaim your health, your new mother self, and learn how to choose your own  Work.Mama.Life. Adventure.


Hey Mama,

I know why you're here. Motherhood isn't always easy. There's no manual, and now you've thrown going back to work into the mix. Some time ago, you walked out of hospital with a precious newborn and absolutely no idea how to raise a human. And every day that followed, you've been learning on the job; wondering what's right and what's wrong, without pay, and with minimal gratitude.

You are SO not alone.

I know your struggles you are facing. Navigating the stress and overwhelm of working mum life, maybe even heading to burnout (just like I did!).  There is an army of women out there who understand exactly where you're at, and I am here to empower you to rediscover you again!

I absolutely see you. I hear you. 

I am here to support Working Mothers to reclaim their health, find their self, and get back that time and glorious connection with your family.


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That's why I created the WORKING MAMA RESET program. An immersive learning experience that will change how you view and do your health, your self, your work life and your motherhood.


The essence of this program is this:




This is your new chapter in Motherhood.





MAMA RESET is an 8 week, interactive, immersive video-based program that teaches smart, simple, effective strategies to revitalise your motherhood experience. This course allows you to recreate your Health & your Heart into your Mamahood journey.

It's designed and developed with 20 years of chiro-patient, one-on-one, hands-on experience, expertise and knowledge.

This course explores the 5 Pillars of Motherhood Health as outlined in my book Work.Mama.Life.

Whether you're a brand new working mum, or just finding that the relentless juggling act is beginning to take a toll on you, this course is designed to to empower you to effectively choose yourself first. 




If you want to live more potently, feel more alive and enjoy enriched memories with your family, this program is for you.

There is no other MAMA RESET out there. This is the global movement and the internal shift that you've been waiting for.

MAMA RESET is for You If:

  •  You feel physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted.
  • You are ready for usable strategies to make change right away in your day to day life.
  • You are ready to dial down the stress load and up the fun-quotient.
  • You don't remember who you used to be
  • You find yourself only talking about your child or parenting, or the juggle of working and mum life.
  • You think me-time is going to the toilet or having a shower!
  • You find yourself counting down the hours until bedtime
  • Choosing some health for yourself seems too hard, too stressful, or unreachable.
  • You sometimes feel resentment for your loss of freedom
  • You're values have shifted, and you aren't sure what matters the most to you anymore.
  • You thought parenting was supposed to get easier
  • You feel alone
  • You feel judged
  • You're tired of the mum guilt
  • You want to love yourself again
  • You want to enjoy motherhood
  • You don't want to yell at your kids anymore
  • You want to feel better, do better, be better
  • You're ready for a new way of living and a new motherhood



What Past Students Have Said


When does MAMA RESET Begin?


The program is currently running. It will open again later in 2023.


How Does It Work?

Each week, you'll receive exceptional online content to read, watch or hear.

You can access the content from wherever you are, whenever you like.

It's eight weeks of online video content, integrating neurology, physiology and 20 years of clinical practice. The course includes a deep dive into the 5 Pillars of Healthy Motherhood, and explores the concepts of Work.Mama.Life.

You'll gain a thriving network of mamas on the exclusive Facebook community to connect and renew your experience.



It's fundamentally life changing. Are you ready?


What's Included?

Week 1

We'll explore the subconscious pathways that have brought your journey of motherhood to where it is now. Essentially, you'll unlearn everything you've ever been taught about motherhood.

Week 2

Understand the physiology of a healthy motherhood and Dr Ali's signature 5 Pillars of  Healthy Motherhood. You'll learn about the structure of the motherhood brain and why it looks different from any other. You'll also learn the vital tools that connect your own brain with your child's, and how you can align your experiences for optimal harmony.

Week 3

We'll reveal how you can nourish your family with time-saving hacks and mealtime magic. Learn how to feed the family without all the fuss and hassle. You'll remove the daily overwhelm, anxiety and stress of motherhood. This week is a game-changer.

Week 4

You'll discover how to move like a mother as we unveil the secrets on how to show up for yourself regardless of the season of your life. You'll learn how to move like you love yourself, in a  way that supports and fits in with your lifestyle.

Week 5

This week is all about rediscovering JOY and thinking like a calm mum! You'll redefine your OWN values and connect them with motherhood. You'll reformulate 'failure' and undergo a total mindset shift. We'll bring more joy, abundance and peace into your life. This week is all about YOU.

Week 6

This week is all about discovering how you can sleep like before you had kids. If we live to 90 years old, we will have slept for 30 years. This week we will nurture your sleep habits and rediscover the joy in the back of your eyelids. 

Week 7

You'll connect with other mums, create a tribe and forge valuable connections. Letting go of any habits that aren't serving you, we'll dive into the importance of support, asking for help and embracing motherhood.

Week 8

This week we will put it all together for you. You'll walk away with a Motherhood Revival Plan, ready to take on your new Mamahood experience in the real world! You will have grown and nurtured your soul, lets make sure we can take it into the big wide world consistently without the burnout, stress and overwhelm we began with. 



You'll Walk Away With:

  • A personalised Motherhood Revival Plan to implement into your daily life
  • A calm, mindful and connected family
  • Simple strategies that quickly alleviate stress and frustration
  • A healthy lifestyle you'll love to live
  • Mealtime peace and happiness
  • Easy systems that allow you to take care of yourself
  • Tools for responsive listening and less anger in the family
  • A value system, and the revelation of what matters to YOU
  • Integrating YOU back into your week
  • A simple, productive daily routine that serves your lifestyle
  • A network of mums who truly understand and support one another


intake is now open for this final round of Working Mama Reset. 

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Ange C

It’s a course that we as Mums all deserve! It provides a space for us to evaluate where we are at and why we are there, but best of all, provides actionable steps to make simple positive changes. I love love loved making time each week to reflect on me as a Mum and look at ways that I can make MY life more fulfilling and FUN! It’s so easy for us to get bogged down with routine and life, and forget what matters most to US! This course provided me with space to do just that!

Courtney M

This course was exactly what I needed to pause purposefully and to fall back in love with my motherhood. The course modules are bite sized, full of great content, and have simple and FUN ways to reflect on and refresh your choices and the way to being your SELF!


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Hey Beautiful Mama, if you've read this far then you may like to learn more bout me, the Founder and Creator of Mama Reset.

My name is Dr Ali Young, a working mum health strategist, best selling author, and a chiropractor, and I developed the WORKING MAMA RESET program for mums just like you. Mums who have simply had enough. 

It's the armour and the tool belt you need when the next motherhood catastrophe comes your way.

With 20 years in Clinical Chiropractic Mother-centric practice, I've supported thousands of mums and their families. I've heard thousands of stories from women. And they all have one underlying thread that binds them:

Motherhood is hard (and also joyful, fun and full of laughs).

Over the last two decades I've helped mums implement simple yet effective daily strategies to beautify their motherhood experience and enrich their lives.

Working with brain health and body health, I've been afforded the honour of resetting their motherhood experience, time and time again.

Now, my strategies are available to you.

I have two small children myself. I know the depths of exhaustion that you've been to. And I'm here to help change all of that.

If you're ready for an opportunity that will change everything you've ever been told about motherhood, if you're ready to step into your most beautiful self, then I'm here for you.

This is my life's work, my soul's work, on screen, in the palm of your hand. Ready to watch wherever you are, whenever you like. It's like having a mama coach who is there with you. Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

The time has come for change. Click that button and let's begin.

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