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Dr Ali's Simple Steps.

A quick-start guide for busy working mum's to transform their lives... SIMPLY!



Being a parent, a working mum & trying to find time for you is exhausting. 


I have simplified that first step just for you!


1. A copy of my book Work Mama Life will be mailed directly to you (with free postage), so you can flip through the chapters and read at your will.


2. You will be granted access to the Nourish module of the Working Mama Reset. This is by far the simplest way to make life-altering change in your world.


If you know that something needs to happen NOW for your health, and you want someone to tell you what to start with first... then here I am😂!

Imagine This:

Access to a key module from the 5 Pillars of Healthy Motherhood that will actually make change and shift and EASE in your day again. (valued at $250)


A personalised copy of my book Work. Mama. Life., a guidebook for busy working mum's everywhere. You can refer back to this whenever you need a bit more info. (valued at $29.95)


It's these simple steps, keeping it easy, that will make it life changing for you. 


I want as many mum's as possible to access these simple steps, so I am offering it to you for just $47.

Lets create ease, gain knowledge and reclaim simplicity for ourselves again. 

I'm ready for my Simple Steps for $47

Your invited to join Dr Ali on her quest to help working mum's make simple steps towards healthy change. For only $47, these tools are categorically life changing. They are for you if: 

  • a working mum working part-time, full-time or considering a return to work.
  • a mother juggling "all the things", leaving you with very little time to care for your wellbeing
  • a mother who wants to stressless, even when life throws everything at you, 
  • a mother who wants to feel energised and well, even when you're busy putting on everyone else's oxygen mask. 
  • working like a mother and want to connect and revive your innate brilliance and light.


It's time to gift yourself some ease in your week, decrease your mental load, look after your body and rediscover health - in easy steps.


This is motherhood like you’ve never done it before.  

Yes, I'm ready together Dr Ali's Simple Steps

Meet Dr Ali.

Dr Ali is a Chiropractor on a mission to help mum's the world over reclaim their health and self and throw off burnout. She is an AHPRA registered health professional, and has completed extra certifications in working with Mum's. 


You can find out more about her here!

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