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Dr Ali the Health Business Strategist

brings you... 

Profit Plan Workshop for Values Driven Practices!


This full day workshop for Health & Wellness Business Mama's will use my 10 step strategy for a profitable practice!

You will leave with a personalised values driven business strategy to support your working mum and business owner life. 

I'm ready to Plan my Profit & my Life!

Being a parent, a business owner & a health & wellness professional is exhausting! Lets' change that up!


Creating strategy to create a business that supports your life, rather than a life that supports your business is vital!


Lets create a profit plan together. Using my signature 10 step business strategy to create a values driven practice of your dreams, you will leave invigorated, purposeful, ready to serve, and with a plan to have the profit you desire.

Imagine this ...

A dedicated workshop designed for busy working mums in health & wellness


Learning how to design your practice with a level of professionalism, ease & automation that will support the business of your dreams   


Discovering simple and effective business tools that ACTUALLY WORK for busy health professional mama's. 


Gifting yourself some time back each and every week for YOU. To recharge, dream big and rediscover ease again.


Gain smart, simple tools you can immediately apply to sustain your thriving business experience. 

Your invited to join Dr Ali on her quest to empower health professional mama's to have it all again. For only $597, this 6-hour workshop is for you if you are: 

  • a health or wellness professional who owns a business & is struggling to get it 'right'.
  • a mother juggling "all the things", leaving you with very little time to care for your wellbeing
  • a business owner who feels she is chained to her business rather than her business supporting her life.
  • a professional & mother who wants to feel energised and well, even when you're busy putting on everyone else's oxygen mask. 
  • seeking tried and tested business strategies to drive your values driven practice.
  • a mother who owns a business, has a service mentality and really desires to both motherhood and your career well! 

You will leave the workshop with:

  • a personalised profit plan to move the needle in your business & your motherhood experience.
  • a marketing strategy for the next 12 months
  • clear company values & mission that align with process.
  • automations that will free up your time and change your behind the scenes experience
  • professionalism 101 for yourself and team that is congruent with your values and mission to take back to your team and implement the very next day.
  • A repeatable business strategy for creating an ideal environment that allows your business to support your life. 


It's time to rediscover the spark within & fan the flames of a thriving you again. Invest $497 in your business & yourself.

You are worth it mama!


I’m here to shake things up with you so you can create the positive changes you want and deserve. 


This is business ownership like you’ve never done it before.


GLADSTONE - Monday 10th July 9am - 4pm



Yes, I'm ready to create my very own Profit Plan!

Meet Dr Ali.

Dr Ali is a Chiropractor on a mission to help mum's the world over reclaim their health and self and throw off burnout. She is an AHPRA registered health professional, and has completed extra certifications in working with Mum's. 


You can find out more about her here!

GLADSTONE Monday 10th July

$597 One Off Payment

Top features

  • 10 step Business Strategy 
  • Current position & set targeted objectives.
  • Develop a marketing strategy.
  • A clear and present Values Driven Practice model!
Profit Plan Gladstone Mon 10th July

GLADSTONE Monday 10th July

3 payments of $199/month

Top Features

  • 10 step Business Strategy 
  • Current position & set targeted objectives.
  • Develop a marketing strategy.
  • A clear and present Values Driven Practice model!
Profit Plan Gladstone Mon 10th July

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