Why Rest Matters.

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2021

How long since you just STOPPED?

I'm coming from the very privileged position of being on holidays. After the last two years, the highs, the lows, the uncertainties, and the unknown of what is going to happen, as a family we decided to prioritise a family holiday we rescheduled 3 times.

There was all the reasons not too:

  • wrong time of year
  • all the christmas parties
  • it's pretty selfish to have this amount of time off.
  • who will see all my patients
  • will my staff be ok
  • good mum's don't take their kids away from their friends for so long leading up to christmas
  • will they get the magic of Christmas in a campervan

But in light of all of this, we decided as a family that we really needed some time away. 

Yes there's been planning, and organising and booking. And of course in the week before we left,  we had a major rain event causing a big amount of water and cleaning and no washing drying... all the mum things!

Stopping, and stepping away, is teaching me a few things!

Its teaching me that slowness gives me time to reflect.

That it gives me the space to listen into my body so I know what it is trying to say.

It's giving me the time to really listen to our family conversations, and see what is happening on the inside for each of us.

It's giving all of us an opportunity to dive into fun together, and reconnect with joy. The stress and busy of the last few years has definitely driven us all towards this as a norm, and the loss of fun can be felt.

These are my big learnings so far, and I'll keep sharing over on my instagram. 

It's also giving me the space to get clear on how I can help you, as a busy working mum, to make health a priority in 2022.

Much mama love

Dr Ali

Chiro, lover of you and life!

P.S. and don't forget that if you are feeling the stress load of Christmas that you can watch my free Webinar anytime. 


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