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Uncategorized Apr 25, 2022

Today my heart sank... & then it rejoiced! 

You know that feeling, when your heart literally drops to the floor... and then it comes back up again?

Today I was sitting down, kids happily ensconced on the couch watching a movie, and I was having a quick scroll of facebook, when I got tagged in an article about my new book. It was pure click-bait... something I would never have thought coming. Click here.

And my heart completely sank... I mean, do you ever think you will be in an article saying 'Photo exposes mum's huge lie'... me either!

I rejoiced because this article digs into one of the key elements as to why I began Unfck Motherhood and my Work.Mama.Life. journey. To bring awareness to the pressures that mothers are under, and how we need to expose them to allow our mum's to flourish.

Yes, it uses lots of photos from my instagram (including my giant washing pile), but it also grabs onto content that highlights the reality of working mother life.

The more we have conversations amongst our selves, and loudly in the community, the more awareness we will build. Yes, it's true that we can't work as if we don't have kids, and parent as if we don't have jobs... but surely, surely there has to be a better way.

I'd love to hear from you.

What is the hardest part of being a working mum?

Where do you feel your health suffers because of it?

How do you wish things to change for you?

My hope is that we can begin a groundswell of women choosing to somehow make it work so it serves them too. Giving you a knowledge base so you can, without stress, choose a way to support yourself.

Because as Maya Angelou says, "when women take care of their health they become their own best friend".

You are magical.

You matter.

You do have the power living inside you (and it's alright if you feel like you don't... coz that's normal too).

One simple step is the beginning... what can you choose today?

Much Mama Love

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama, and Loud Speaker for Working Mum's everywhere.


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