Today was a great day... I've done lots of small things.

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2021

Do you ever have those days where you wake up, and you're like, yep, I am totally going to do X, Y and Z... and then as the day really begins you throw all of that out the window?

That was me today. 

My to do list involved a lot of work stuff, but by the time the kids got picked up to go to school (the best thing about this is my SIL takes the kids for me on a wednesday so I can have a true home day, just like I take hers on a Monday), my body had different ideas.

I don't own a dryer - not because I don't want one, but I have no space, and it's been crazy weather, so I had to go to the laundromat. So I decided, laundromat, dog walk for the win. 

Then vacuum the car, have a coffee, do a mammoth food shop. I've make raw chocolate and choc brownies (must be a full moon I reckon), and only sat down to do my 'work' at about 1pm.

So here I am, writing a letter, and thinking about the awesomeness of my weekend of immersion with like minded people. And also how, all those things I did this morning, if I paid someone to do them, would cost me a bundle. Yet it isn't classed as work.

One of these is a pet peeve (10 points if you can guess which one). Yep, working hard in the home and with the kids and doing the housework and all of the things to keep the house running is expected of us... yet it is rarely acknowledged as work.

So here is me giving you a hell-yeah if that was you today! Or any day! It is work. Sometimes it's fun... and sometimes it's like dragging yourself through a mudpit!

The other part was the bit I loved the most!!! Reflecting on the awesome women I got to spend my weekend with.









All of the good things that make it so amazing to be together on this journey called life. This reflection of Robert Downey Jnr. got me good.

It gave me all the feels.

I feel so strongly that to have our best motherhood is needs to be both health and heart focused.

This weekend really brought this home to me. I'm so glad I get to dig into this with the awesome women at my 1 day retreat - Burn Bright, Not Out. It's only 9 sleeps away!

May you have a week of head and heart awesomeness! Where you get to express both when you really need it and want it!

Much Mama Love

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama and Lover of YOU!



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