Slow cooker goodness, immune systems and working mum life

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2022

I love using a slow cooker for a few reasons.

1. I can often get it going in the morning whilst we are doing brekky/lunchboxes and all those kitchen things.

2. I can use cheaper cuts of meat as they need a slow cook to make palatable and for the kids to be happy to eat them.

3. The sauce/broth, if slow cooked with bones, is often full of minerals that our bodies crave.

4. As the kids get older and we all have different schedules, being able to have dinner ready to go when we need it is a godsend.

So for me, it really wins hands down.

If you ask my family, I'm the queen of the make 💩 up recipe, but I do sometimes follow recipes too.

Here are some links to some of the ones I have loved this last few very busy years.

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken

Quirky Cooking Broth Recipes (for when you need some extra immune support)

Coconut Beef Curry (not too spicy)

Korean Beef 

Pulled Pork (great in taco's)

Greek Lamb

What I find extra great about all of this, is that I often get leftovers or a second main from each of these, meaning healthy lunchboxes or dinners happening again. And less thought on what I have to do each day, which is always nice. 


Immune Challenges - there have been lots of people in my orbit going through immune challenges lately, so there are definitely some hot tips for kids and parents when that is happening.

1. Keep up your water.

2. Get some sunlight at the beginning and end of day, vitamin D can make us feel so much better. 

3. Try and eat some whole foods as they are fabulous and great for you.

4. Give yourself permission for the kids to watch iPad and just chill... if you and them are both sick, then that's important.

5. Get some support around supplements that may help your particular immune challenge.

6. Ask for support from your village around you.

As we move towards autumn, when we are often compromised with our immune system and the beginning of a new season, just remember to be kind to yourself.

If you are feeling like you are run down, running on empty, or consistently stressed, then gift yourself some R&R, much as you would to somebody who you were chatting too. 

Much Mama Love


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