Those Post Christmas Feels! Survival of the Fittest.... or the Fairest!

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2020

Those Post Christmas Feels!

Survival of the Fittest.... or the Fairest!


Christmas is over for another year.... and we've all made it. JUST!

2020 has definitely been a year right... our resilience stores have been tested like no other, and we have had to find ways to face days that we couldn't think we could face. For many of us, throw in motherhood to this rite of passage, and particularly a shout out to all the new mum's of 2020, navigating a journey that was never intended to be traversed solo being thrust at us solo.

But let's just dwell on Christmas! There are so many elements of Christmas that make it a tough road for the fairer sex. The organisation, the cooking, the present buying. I see a lot of meme's getting thrown around about the dad's getting let off easy and getting as much as a surprise as the kids on christmas morning.... and all of this is true in some or all parts. 


Some of us have limped to the line... dragged ourselves along and barely felt like we were going to make it. Others of us got there with glee and joy and zest for family time. Some revel in the crazy busy and the excitement and all the fun... and others face it with dread, be it due to family situations, a hate of the kitchen, or just the overall expenditure and waste at this time of year (this has really hit me for a 6 this year... there will be blog about it soon!)


But there's a theme that I'm discovering. And that is of frustration with the current status quo.... coupled with exhaustion. Mums everywhere are beginning to realise that there are generational expectations thrust at them for this time of year that don't sit right with them any more. That maybe they want a bit more balance in the lead up to christmas, that they don't want to limp across the line, but rather bound towards it.

If you look back at motherhood historically, the patriarchal system has pushed us towards being the only ones that fulfil the doing roles in the lead up to big events. We are starting to get some outstanding help from aware partners, but the majority of the workload does fall onto the mama in the christmas period. 

Now some mum's thrive on it.... all hail to you.

But for many others it's exhausting, and all consuming. The lists in your head, the space in the fridge to find, the presents to warp, the coordination of families. The presence to schedule in with your kids and significant other.... its a big deal!


From a health perspective... there are implications for the constant rushing and doing and expectation dense world we live in!

We often don't stop to think about how our constantly being busy isn't giving us the down time we need neurologically (yes that's your brain mama's.... its a really important piece of equipment 😂) to reset and recharge and refocus. That from a pattern perspective... we continue to do the busy and never stop.... meaning our body loses the ability to recharge when it gets the chance because.... well it's never given the chance.


Getting to boxing day and feeling like you are getting a cold, or could sleep for days.... this could definitely be your sign that it's all been a bit busy. The joy of the 2020 year coupled with christmas! So when you get these signs.... recognise it is those post christmas feels! 


Do something about it. 


  • Consciously make sure you have time every day to sit with your feet up. Literally.... put them up against a wall in the house whilst you are lying down. 
  • Drink some water - lots of it! In Australia... it's our summer time so a bit easier to navigate. We understand that its a great time of year to drink all the special things... bulk coffee... champagne and gin 😂🥰, but keep your water content up too.... it's part of the recharge.
  • Turn off the tech... put the phone away. Give yourself a bit of a digital detox. I don't know about  you... I'm super excited to get together with my family.... I really don't need to look at other people doing the same (sorry to my friends, I just try really hard to not be on socials so much during this time)
  • Get outside. Beach, bush walks, lying in your backyard, some cricket, some bike rides. Outdoors is the key to a refresh.


I hope you've made it through with some bounding energy and a renewed zest... or know the next year you might share the load and do it differently so it's not all the automatic expectation of it being on you. I know for me.... I want something different for my daughter... I'm sure like my mum wanted something different for me. But I can start being the change to make the change!


Much love... can't wait for the new year.... not necessarily for new beginnings, but the excitement of possibility is huge!






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