Intentional Focus - myth or reality?

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2022

I feel that as a working mum we are pulled in many different directions, ALL THE TIME.

We are trying to keep on top of our school/daycare checklists, our kids activities, our work demands, our meal prepping, or lunchbox making.... even our own self care routines.

And when we don't have the opportunity to sit and be focused, it can be all consuming. I've listened to a few interviews with Johann Hari around his book, Stolen Focus. I haven't read it yet, it's next on my list.

But the general concept of our attention being stolen with the constant demands we have on our time, and our ability to pull our attention back is key.

I don't know about you, but I often find a pick up my phone to complete a task, and then find myself 5 minutes later scrolling insta and I don't even know how I got there.

Creating pockets of intentional focus can be a great way to get our brain back to a less frazzled state.

The first step for me is to consciously step away from my devices.

To leave it where I can't hear it or see it. I have minimal notifications on my phone, and making sure these aren't noisy really helps me to not get pulled back into the vortex.

The next thing I do is schedule pockets of time in my day.

I always have an exceptionally long to do list on the go, and I found I jump from one thing to the other if I don't intentionally focus on just one thing.

This can be many and varied:

- Family time after school.

- Dinner at the table with no devices or phones to enhance connection.

- At work, no phone nearby so we can have true focus on tasks at hand.

- When exercising or being in nature, focusing on the world around us rather than the podcast in our ear holes.

I know there are days where I have super focus - and others where my mind wanders regardless of what tool or technique I use. I'm sure part of this is how many times the kids woke me up, how big my to-do list it, where I'm at in my cycle... all of these sorts of things.

Is being able to intentionally focus a myth or a reality?

Do you think we can really focus that strongly anymore?  

Much mama love,

Dr Ali.

Chiro, Mama, Chief attempter of Intentional Focus!


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