When was your last deep breath?

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2022

Last night I went to my first Yoga Nidra class with the amazing Courtney Morrison (she is a guest masterclass host inside the Working Mama Reset), and it was magical.

Yoga Nidra is all about slowing ourselves, and having a deep restorative 'sleep' that really re-charges our brain.

And it got me thinking, how can we as mum's harness our breath better when we are feeling wound up and lacking calm?

Our breath is powerful.

Lets think about this. When we are stressed (think a big stress like running away from a lion), we breath short sharp breaths so we can run super fast.

We increase our breath speed, and decrease our depth, so we can get where we need to go. Our body is so clever.

And when we are in the gorgeous restful healing state.... we have the opportunity to do big sleep and deep breaths. The ones that make your tummy stick out as you breathe in and out. The ones that, when you do them, make your body feel calm.

What's great, is that we can harness the power of that calm really easily by just stopping and doing 2-5 breathing cycles. 

My awesome box breathing technique (which isn't mine, but I will continue to bang on about it), really helps with this. I do it sometimes washing dishes, between patients at work, sitting on the loo 😂😂, anywhere that I get a short moment.

Imagine you have a box image in front of you. Go up the left side and breath in for a count of 4, then go along the top and hold that breath in for a count of 4, breathe out for a count of 4 as you go down the right side, and then hold that breath out for a count of 4. then repeat the box.

2-5 times is often enough to get some calm back.

Where this gets supercharged, is particularly when we can do it outside in nature.

Feet grounded on the earth, staring at the trees, wind rustling, and do your slow breathing pattern.

This connection to earth, nature and breath within brings a state of calm to our brain that is purely magical.

I'd love you to try it and see how you go!

What different does it show up for you on the inside?

How connected within do you feel afterwards?

I can't wait to hear how all of those big deep breaths go!

I talk a lot about the power of breathing in my new book.

Have a fabulous Monday Mama.xo

Much mama love,


Chiro, Mama and Power Advocate for YOU!


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