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Uncategorized Nov 05, 2021

Isn't it a wonderful week to have a wonderful week. I've been working hard on some behind the scenes stuff and getting ready for the weekend. I'm so excited to be immersing with an intimate group of mum's all about their health & heart!

I spoke on my podcast this week all about dreaming as a mother. How we often dream of what we think our motherhood will be like before we have kids.

But then, as we traverse our motherhood journey, we often forget to dream of who we are in the motherhood. What would we love to do? What is important to us? What aligns to our innermost dreams and desires. 

This is important for our souls, but it's also really important for our work. You see our brain 🧠 loves it when we are doing activities that align with our soul.

It operates in a higher state of calm when we are doing things that are important to us. It sends calm signals to our stress spots in our brain. It allows us to take that big deep breath that aligns us internally.

I love that if we look after our brains well they know exactly how to look after us back. There are some very simple ways as a busy mum we can continue to look after our brain:

  • drink at least 2L of water a day - sounds simple, but how many times do you get to the end of the day and you are thirsty AF - that's your brain crying out for water.
  • move your body. Whether it's a dance class in the lounge room, a run by yourself or some calm yoga - movement of the spine makes for a super healthy brain.
  • choose some healthy nourishment. Wholefood - that's food in it's whole state - loves our brain. What can you eat that looks like it's come from nature.

It can be this easy.

I'd love you to get some awesome tips to nourish your soul and your brain in the lead up to the busy season.

If you are wondering all about dreaming, make sure you have a listen to this weeks podcast too!

Much Mama Love

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama, Dreamer and Brain Lover!


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