The Power of Tribe.

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2021

Recently, I spent the weekend away with my glorious tribe of supportive business women, and it was all sorts of fabulous. 

It's been a while since I've been surrounded by the glorious positivity of a bunch of women who are all striving for the most for themselves and their communities.

Unapologetically so!

And it has really got me thinking about the power of tribe.

As mum's, there are so many external influences telling us all of the ways to do all of the things... and this is loud and noisy and overwhelming at best.

Our tribe is sometimes like this.

When it supports us.

When we need enveloping.

When we need encouraging.

It is also sturdy and strong.

It bands behind you in the face of adversity.

It supports you quietly and firmly when it needs too.

Your tribe matters!

Recreating a space and tribe for women to explore this whole motherhood game, and how to exist in this journey of motherhood is so important.

I speak with mums every day who feel lost, and my heart breaks for them. Because I've been there.

That lost feeling. That reading everything and still not knowing what to do feeling. In fact I still have days like that now.

But that is where my tribe comes in!

Sometimes I need to cry with them.

Sometimes I just vent.

Sometimes I need them to help me problem solve.

And I am blessed, so very blessed to have them in my world.

This is the reason I have created The Mother Hood... because we all need tribe.

Much Mama Love!

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama, Lover the amazing mama  living inside of YOU.



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