Surrender & Balance

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2022

I've been leaning into surrender and rediscovering balance. You may have seen my latest podcast episode about the concept of Surrender... it was a biggie.

When we are busy working mum's, there are often times where we have to make decisions. These can be based upon fear, career, the 'should of' feeling, or just a small inkling of something.

Learning how to lean into values is a key way we can figure out if it is surrender, or perhaps moving towards a sense of balance. 

Sometimes surrender looks like stopping something.

Sometimes surrender looks like beginning something.

Sometimes surrender looks like streamlining something.


For the second half of this year, I am striving to provide simple ways we can all find balance again. Balance can be such a difficult word in motherhood. When we are busily working, and creating, and loving on our families hard, we sometimes forget how to love on ourselves.

I want each mum in my orbit to have the capabilities to discover her inner self, find her value chain, and find ways to stick to it with ease and minimal stress.

This first creation is for business owner working mum's. It's aimed particularly at mama's who own health related businesses ... but really if you feel this journal would help you, then absolutely go ahead and download it. 

This download comes directly as a workbook that supports Work. Mama. Life., and I couldn't be more proud of it.

This year, we are also bringing back an in-person retreat. The feedback from this last year was incredible, and I can't wait to share it with you again. Our brains thrive on in-person connection, in fact, there are so many processes that happen when we come together with like-minded women that allows us to thrive in a safe space.


Our Burn Bright Not Out Retreat is on Lake Awoonga on October 23, from 8am, and will include Yoga, Meditation, Sessions to integrate and discover what motherhood and life looks like to you, Creation time, Connection time.

The waitlist is open, and I see the limited spaces filling quickly, so make sure you pop your name down.

Much Mama Love,

Dr Ali

Chiro, Business Motherhood Activist


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