Why Your Support Group Matters

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021

I always find myself super reflective on ANZAC Day each year. Like many of you, I have family members and friends who have joined the armed forces and served to protect our rights as Australians.

Having watched both of my grandfathers, and my uncle, and in more recent times some school mates return from overseas postings, the support that they get is extremely important for their ongoing recovery from any trauma they may have experienced.

I'm always full of all the feels, because I feel as a general population, our understanding of the impact this has on our service men and women is mammoth!

And not to devalue this at all, but it also gets me in reflection mode for our mum's too. Because we are undervalued, we are 'just mum's, and we are not working when we are in the home... right???


One of the ways that I was able to navigate my motherhood through those days where I really wanted to throw in the towel was with my women.

The BF who I could call for any reason.

The knowledgeable friend all about sleep.

My mum when I needed sense talked into me.

The one who allowed me to vent as much or little as I needed.

And a group of mums face to face all going through the same journey together.


These ladies were my lifesavers, and made me realise it really does take a village. They helped my neurology to calm out of fright/flight mode, and allowed my sense of self to make fleeting glimpses back into the real world.


I originally felt like a massive failure because I missed my old life so much, but my support crew could see this intuitively and helped me to reclaim that this was normal.

So who has your back?? Support is super essential. 

It allows you to grow into your sense of self in this mothering space.

It can be hard to find. If you feel you are craving more, and with likeminded mum's who are striving to be their best version of themselves, their health and their mothering, you could consider joining the MotherHOOD.

Much Mama Love!

Dr Ali, 

Chiro, Mama, Supporter of Women everywhere!


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