Magnificent Mama Selfish is the New Black!

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2021

I'm not sure if it was just my experience growing up, or if this is more of an Australia or world wide phenomena - but being selfish is seen as one of the biggest sins there is.

I mean, I know that we are supposed to be helpful, and not selfish in a narcissistic kinda way (coz that doesn't bode well for many), but the perception that all selfish behaviour is bad is probably not serving the mother community.

Martyrdom - putting yourself last so you can make sure that everyone around you is A-OK, is the most frequently supported version of who we 'should be' in society. The good mother complex tells us that everyone else is more worthy of our time before we are. 

When we move into matrescence, that glorious shift from womanhood to motherhood, one of the best components of this spiritual journey is the one where we have to learn how to nurture ourselves so we can best nurture others.

So what does a selfish motherhood look like?

Such a great question. What do you think it looks like? For me, it's knowing when I need to nurture myself so I can tap into that wonderous self I have inside, that playful fun person that is most connected to her family.

It's recognising that I need to eat and sleep and move certain ways to make my body healthier and calmer. 

Its recognising that being kind to myself is going to help me be kind to others. 

For me this week, I've prioritised the nourishment that is going to support me. Instead of spending kitchen time yesterday cooking snacks for the kids, I prepped freshly squeezed juices (celery, so the kids will not have it 😂), meal planned and shopped, and scheduled in my movement even though it's school holidays so I can get it done!

Here are my main meals for the week - all made big enough for leftover proteins for salads the next day.

Monday - salmon, mashed pumpkin and greens.

Tuesday - lamb shoulder and veggies

Wednesday - deconstructed Taco's (kids will have shells, I won't)

Thursday - Turkey Rissoles (with fresh herbs from the garden) and veggies

Friday - Steak or Chicken Drumsticks (will see what the fambam requests).

These are all things that I love that I can share with the rest of the family. Yes, some may see it as selfish, I see it as setting it up to Thrive. 

How can you use the concept of selfish this week to set yourself up to thrive?  

Much mama Love!

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama and Lover of myself!


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