Self Regulation in Motherhood

Uncategorized Jul 16, 2021

You may have seen my instagram story last week about Self-Regulation and how  our ability to self regulate can really help to calm our kids down too.

I have no desire to make this about lack, judgement or a perceived mis-step on your behalf... in fact, it has taken me years to even remember to try and do this at the appropriate times.

So this is why I wanted to share these little tips and cues I have gathered together over the last few years.

These are required for me when I am feeling wired, angry, heightened or short fused.

1. Stop... even for just a second, and breathe.

2. Sometimes I scream or yell really loudly into a pillow.

3. Play super loud music and sing or dance until the stress passes.

4. Have a 5 minute nap.

5. Cuddle your kids (or your dog or cat, whatever can help you to sit and be still)

6. Have a cuppa, outside in nature, on the lawn, or under a tree or in the breeze.

7. Pop a meditation in your ear-holes.

8. Go for a run, jump on a bike, jump on the tramp, play a game of soccer with the kids.

9. Write down the back story of the feelings, how are you, what do they represent, is there a reason?

10. Smile... go look in the mirror... and tell yourself you love yourself - no matter what!

Over the years I've used all of these at different times.

There's also been times where none of this has worked. 

BUT... knowing I had some options in my tool belt, well that was calming in and of itself. Have you used any of these before? Or do you have other ones that you call on too?

Be fabulous mama bears, be kind to yourself, support each other, radiate love.

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama and Self love queen.


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