The School Holidays

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2021

The School Holidays are here

(just in case you didn't know 😂). 


Who's with me... School Holidays can be totally amazing.... or a logistical nightmare!

Even if your kids are younger than school age, often the regular activities you participate in change or stop, and those bloody big kids turn up at all the playgrounds.

But aren't the school holidays crazy... like we should be making all of these magical experiences to turn them into unicorn days of fond childhood memories.

In my 6 Week Mama Reset and The Mother Hood communities, we talk a lot about expectations, should's and the way we talk to ourselves.

How we have an internal dialogue that can drive our expectation, our feelings of what we are supposed to be doing, and shake us up a bit to feel like intensivity with our children is vital.

So I have a few questions for you...

What if we allowed our kids to get bored?

What would it look like for them to explore all THE STUFF that they may have in their spaces?

What would it look like to do school holidays like our mums did (I was sent perpetually outside, given a list of jobs and encouraged to cook)?

What would it look like for us, if we allowed ourself that quiet cuppa on the couch, or a rest in bed if we need it too? Because it is our rest time also.

So here's the deal... give yourself 5 minutes today to write down what is the ideal day for you and the kids this school holidays. Not what you think it should look like, but what sits right internally for you.

Listen to your inner awesome, see what she tells you. If you loved yourself as much as you love your kids, what would your day look like?

 Have a fabulous day you gorgeous, strong, courageous and brilliant Mama!

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama, Lover the amazing mama  living inside of YOU.


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