Resilience & Rubber Bands

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2022

The last two years have been pretty up and down... haven't they.

Our gorgeous brain is designed to do so much, yet I really feel that the big ask we have made of it the last few years is often a bit much, even for it. 

You see, our brain thrives on consistency in our life.

It thrives on the ability to reset, and to know what is going to happen at certain times. Kinda like a kid who likes routine or boundaries.

In the last two years, we've been thrust into a world that has been dependent on a news cycle for knowing 'what is next', and for relying on what we could do.

We've had to rapidly change our 'normal' environments, and for want of a better word, we've had to really pivot into embracing change all the team.

Then we throw in the bushfires, the floods, the war and the petrol prices... and it's no wonder we are tired all the time.

Our brain needs us to have down time. Yet, it has been trained in the last few years to be 'on' all the time, just waiting for the next big shift to show up. And what this has done, is over-flex or stretch our resilience muscle.

Our ability to bounce back and be ok with rapid change is normally a given, but when that bounce back is being consistently stretched, it alters how we can do that. And we get over-stretched.

Which leads to us being close to the over-stretch breaking point.... and we can snap so much easier.

Our resilience with the kids can be altered.

Our immune function is significantly decreased - anyone else feel like they are getting every little thing?

Our sleep is impacted.

The kids are picking up on it.

Our concentration at work is altered.

So what can we do about it?

Here are 3 simple things (there are so many, we cover them in the Working Mama Reset course), that I like to use pretty much daily to give my brain it's pause moments each day.

1. Get outside. Yep... broken record here, but actually being outdoors and feeling the nature - that's the key. Grass in your toes, wind in the trees, waves on the beach... whatever floats your boat, just do it for 5 minutes at least.

2. Breathe. Consciously be aware of the breath coming in through your nose, passing down your throat, rising up and extending your belly muscles, and out through your mouth. Do this slowly a few times and feel how aware you are in your body. This really brings you back to you.

3. Have a cold shower. Your vagus nerve will thank you for this. This nerve is key to help regulate your stress and calm elements in your brain. A short cold shower at the end, or a dip in the icy ocean can both really go a long way to resetting you out of busy and rush mode.


Are there other ways you like to unwind your brain?
Is there a ritual you do on a certain day of the week?

Or something that calms your soul?

I'd love to hear from you.

Much mama love,


Chiro, Mama and Power Advocate for YOU!


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