How exercise can increase your capacity for joy!

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2021

If you have been watching along on my socials, I've been working hard at increasing my movement. In my practice in Gladstone, we've been focusing on Active August, as we all know how much movement makes your health and internal dialogue shift and change.

Whilst researching for this and my book (still writing, writing, writing), I stumbled across a neuroscientist who outlined five ways that exercise actually changes your brain.

I think they provide an extraordinary insight into the role that our choices around movement can alter our brain function to make it more open to change, joy, courage and bravery. You can read the article here. 

I'm not going to rehash the full 5 reasons in great detail, but let me spell it out simply for you!

1. The exercise high primes you to connect with others

2. Exercise can make your brain more sensitive to joy

3. Exercise makes you brave

4. Moving with others builds trust and belonging

5. Trying a new activity can transform your self image.

As a mum who values her tribe, and craves joy in her world, being able to combine this with movement to get phenomenal side effects is mind blowing. I particularly love #2 and #4.

I love that the consistent practice of movement aides my brain to kick into joy mode easier and with a larger capacity for joy through an increase in endocanibinnoid receptors.

And I love that a synchronicity in movement helps me to be more connected with those around me. As a mum, seeking out movement in a group could literally improve the joy in your day, help to quell your anxiety and work on those depressive feelings.

It doesn't have to be heavy movement, it may not be the right season for you with that, but any movement can work. A walk, some yoga, pilates, a dance class, crossfit, HIIT ... you get the drill.

I really hope that you get an opportunity to get out and move your body to move your soul today!

All my blessings

Dr Ali,

Chiro, Mama and Mover of myself!


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