Why Downtime matters and how Challenges help!

Uncategorized May 07, 2021

If you've seen my insta stories,  you would know that we have had a long weekend, and we've all been a bit tired. And that's me too.

I don't have a crazy level of go that some have, and I need a reset too. Just like you.

So this weekend I took some downtime to nap and do yoga. We went to Beef Week to look at some cows, and we moved our bodies a little bit. 

I drank coffee and read the paper with my husband, I cooked some yummy food, and I did things that nurtured my soul. A lot. Because that's what I needed.

As mum's, there is a great perception of weakness if we acknowledge that we need rest too. It's not weak. It's human. I applaud you for recognising this about yourself. 

It can be really hard to acknowledge, but also really hard to make it happen. Because the list is never finished. Somehow, trying to forget the list and get it happening is key.... and one way I do that is to write it all down, get it out of my brain, and then this free's up more space to do the things I need to do for my soul.

It's timely that I created this downtime because I've been super busy in the background.

Here's why.

Mum's have been asking me for more support, and I've been trying to figure out how to do that. 


So I created a MEMBERSHIP!

For busy mum's. It's got a resources list of info you will probably need at your fingertips. It's got monthly masterclasses with health and motherhood professionals. It's got a community all for itself on facebook. It has a teeny tiny small daily task to self-care yourself for motherhood ( a calendar you can look at when you need a little nudge), and a monthly live Q and A with me.

The doors are open!  You can go and check out the info here.

I know the reset makes a difference in mama's days, and this is just the next level of ongoing support. I can't wait to knuckle in.


I've also designed the next Challenge - 5 Days to AWESOME!

Another challenge??? Why??

Well because I feel that 5 days is a great length of time to get a feel for a reset for yourself.

Challenges help us realise we might just have that extra 5-10 minutes.

For me, they help me think a bit differently, and to give myself permission for that time.

Because as mums... who else struggles with giving themselves the permission for the time. 

5 Days to Awesome Challenge is designed for you to rediscover yourself, your health ... YOU! And that is all sorts of AWESOME!!

Mama, your downtime, your You-time matters.

And I know the Membership resources and our fresh new Challenge will be a positive difference in your world.  

Much Mama Love!

Dr Ali, 

Chiro, Mama, Supporter of Women everywhere!


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