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Uncategorized May 09, 2022

After the last few years, and if you are in Australia, with the heaviness of the politics etc etc still continuing on, us working mum's need a safe space:

To share our whole self.

To be real and authentic.

To celebrate our awesomeness.

To learn about how to support our self.

To support us when we are challenged.

So the WORK MAMA LIFE Lounge is OPEN again to help to nurture the COMMUNITY, CONNECTIONS and CHOICES that working mama's, like you and I, are calling for right now.  

This membership is there to guide you to integrate the elements of the 5 Pillars of Healthy Motherhood... minus the stress and overwhelm!

Each month there will be a masterclass about a topic that matters to busy working mum's.

Beginning with June - why we should check out our poo and what that means about our health (yep... even you coffee addicts out there).

July we will dive with depth in burnout and stress recovery.

August we will explore how I manage time, and ways that I have supported mum's to manage their time better.

In September we will look at mama movement. Even with constraints of little people, working hours and unsupportive partners, how can we make it happen.

October we will prep for the holiday season. Identify health avenues and markers that we can support ourself with. 

In November - as we all get to the prime burnout season - we will get a bit woohoo and dive into our energy management.

And in December - lets focus on mindful restoration. What are the key ways that we can support ourself to recalibrate before 2023.

The membership also has a large resource component, and a facebook community.

If you are ready to empower your WORK MAMA Life with knowledge, community and practical tools join us in the Lounge -


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