Magnificent Mama Busy Isn't a Verb!

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2021

Hello you super busy Mama! 

I got you and I see your life. It's hectic AF.

You have a million tabs open and you are trying to do all of the things for all of the people.

And maybe you have forgotten a little bit about doing it for yourself.

As working mum's, I really wanted to jump in here and share some love about busy.

You see, our beautiful brain thrives on things changing.

In fact, it loves it when we infuse different things into our day.

Stillness and Movement
Productiveness and Chill
Busy and Calm
Social time and Work Time
Hard Exercise and Gentle Exercise
Water and Wine (jokes, obvs 😂)

Whats interesting amongst this is that when we continuously exist in one of these frameworks, an imbalance occurs, and it can lead to burnout, overwhelm, fatigue, anger, frustration... you get the picture.

In our super busy worlds, we often see the busy as a superpower. I am so great and can get so much shit done because I am a super mum.

Until you come crashing down, and your body lets you know that maybe busy isn't the whole way.

So here are my tips for your week, make sure you share this with your friends, you know, those crazy busy ones. Forward them the email or tag them in the insta post. 

1. Plan out your week - and plan in some down time - 15 minutes a day is approximately 1% of your day - are you worth that 1% to yourself?

2. Drink enough water (at least 2L/day) - trust me, this one change can make THE change!

3. Pause. Breathe. At least twice per day pause and do 5 rounds of box breathing.

4. Delegate, Dump and Do - figure out what's your's, and what you can get rid of or share with others.

5. Find some fun and connection time with your tribe and your fambam - away from ticking things off a list!

Let's reimagine what busy is. Let's imagine that busy is taking time for YOU, that you're self-worth is high enough that this is A-OK in your world. That you can be perfectly unproductive and calm in order to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones - and open up the channels to connection, health and vitality.

Much mama Love!

Dr Ali,

Chiro, Mama and Lover of myself!


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