Burnt Out, Tired & Grumpy!

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2021

I know I get to this time of year and I start to think about all the things that I supposedly have to do, and how I absolutely am not going to be able to do them all.

The roundabout of creating a life that is calm and thoughtful and mindful, combined with not disappointing anybody and ticking all the boxes... it makes me want to scream. 

Our brain and our neurology are wonderful things. They have this beautiful ability to pick up on a feeling, relate it back to something from our past, and we respond in the same way. 

When was the time you were so overwhelmed you had a very big emotional response? 

Do you feel this at times when maybe it doesn't warrant it? When you would otherwise just need a sit down and a chat to yourself, and find an easy solution? 

This is your stress response hijacking your life. No body wants that in their world. 

One of the great ways we can stop this is to recognise and choose the response we want. If you are beginning to feel all those feels for a small thing in your world, then choose to have a different response. 

Navigating the choice to respond. 

Knowing how to respond when we are in the thick of the 'event' is a tough one. When everything is piling back on or up in our world, choosing calm seems bloody hard.

I can categorically say (sorry neighbours) that they would of heard me not being calm at certain times this year too!

But the tips to bring a sense of calm into the response are:

  • Breathe. Simple, but that one or two rounds of box breathing can be life changing in the moment.
  • Write it out. Spending 10 minutes writing down the things that are really grinding your gears - maybe you'll get to a place where you realise its not that thing - it's something else completely.
  • Call in support. Can you do it, dump it or delegate to somebody else.
  • Is this really your choice of something to do, or is there an element of doing it because you feel you should be doing it?

These four things can seem quite silly, and pretty much not 'real', yet choosing one to work through, or even better all 4, over time will allow your brain to learn that response isn't what you need in that time.

How great is it that YOU have the power to change your responses! I mean, you're body is amazing! I can't wait to see you bloom!

Much Mama Love 

Dr Ali 

Chiro, Mama and Lover of YOU! 



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