Breathe, Joy and Calm

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2021

I’m going to give you a little back story here. Unsurprisingly, as a busy rushing woman and mother, the power of my breath was lost on me. I would rush here, rush there, fit it all in and get my To Do List done, and then I would crash into bed, have a restless sleep and start all over again.

I bet this is familiar to a few of you too!

When I went through my health concerns in 2020, I really felt I needed to find a way to hack my Vagus nerve and re-establish some calm into my world through utilising my parasympathetic's.

Now I am super blessed to have an amazing friend who does breath and yoga for calm work for a living. In fact I work with her. The calmly patient Courtney Morrison. So she began to teach me some simple ways to really get into this. You can find out more about her by going here!

These tools are life changing. For everyone I show them too.

So here they are for you!

Today I'm going to write about the box breath. The slow and mindful in and out breathing that really switches your state.

Imagine you have a box in front of your face. It has equal sides. 

Imagine as you go up the left side you breath in. 

As you go across the top you hold the breath in.

As you go down the right side you breathe out.

As you go across the bottom you hold that breath out.

It's that simple. 

I like to breath in for a count of 4 seconds, and breath out for a count of 4 seconds. 

Two cycles of this... and I'm immediately feeling centred.

Then ask myself... what do I need? Where am I at? What's next here?

And this allows me to get focused on what I need to do now.

Just like anything, the more times we do it, the easier it becomes. 

Finding calm in my day is one of my joy points. It's not always the RARA that gets me joy, but calm is just as great. 

Much mama love

Dr Ali

Chiro, mama and lover of calm JOY!


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