Dr Ali's 6 TOP TIPS for healthy motherhood!

Uncategorized May 24, 2021

How can you create healthy shifts in our motherhood experience when life, for many, often feels stressed, too rushed, too busy and way too many tabs open?

Dr Ali's shares her top 6 tips for shifting your internal experience to shape and influence your external experience, that are game changes for both your health and motherhood. 

1. Choose Yourself First

This is one of the hardest parts of health, because as a Mum, once we have kids choosing ourselves is hard. And we've also been told it's selfish. But bringing  conscious awareness and choices to mothering, about your needs as well as those of who you are caring for, is vital.

If you are ready to gain easy tools that make it simple to reclaim, re-energise and discover your sense of self again the MotherHOOD  is here and ready for you!

2. Move Your Body

Movement is more than keeping you trimmer and thinner. It's important for your brain, your stress load, your adaptability and resilience. There are quick and simply ways to integrate into your day, week and month (without overloading yourself). And YES lounge room dance-offs to the Wiggles or Bluey theme-song - count as movement too. 

3. Brains Matter

If you've been reading for a while, you will know that Brains Matter, ALOT! We have ingrained thought patterns in our live that once we become a mum, our brain functions 'wrongly'. We get the negative connotations of pregnancy brain and baby brain. Did you know this is because your body is busy making more brain... the only time in its adult life!

You're brain, sweet mother, is a-changing! And all to increase connection with your babe and to knock out of the park this whole mothering thing.

Learning how to embrace this is key! 🔑 

4. Keep an Eye on Nutrition

I'm no nutritionist, but we do study nutrition in our 5 years at uni, and I've continued to study it as I've progressed into my 19th year in practice. Nutrition as mothers is different again, and exploring this concept of not overloading ourselves with another element on our to do list whilst allowing our health to be purposeful is tough, and sometimes needed.

What could you start today? 

  • Consciously choose an extra cup or 2 of water today
  • Swap out that afternoon coffee for a herbal tea or nutritious smoothie
  • Start your day with food choices packed with all the good things 

5. JOY

If you've been following a long for a while here, you will know that Joy is one of the lost arts of life when we become a mum. It's so easy to get stuck in the usual roundabout of life, and forget our fun factor.

What does fun look like now for you?

How might you create big and little moments of fun, laughter and joy in your day today and into your relationships with others? 

Joy is key.  

6. Mama Time Matters

This may sound similar to number 1... but holy smokes it's different.

This Mama Time, this is not just about mentally choosing yourself, but about how your health is dependent on your mama time. This could look like 5 minutes to lay down in the bed; being out of the house away from the visual prompts of the to-do's;  5 minutes to enjoy the warmth of a cuppa in our hands and not your phone; an uninterrupted shower; all those sorts of things that help fill up your own cup and replenish your vitality.    


I hold a vision for healthy motherhood for all of you.

The MotherHOOD is designed to create a space where you can do that. 

The MotherHOOD is for you if you are ready to be supported to make a change.

The MotherHOOD is for you if are ready to grow from these top 6 tips and try a few new things, with monthly guidance will help you on your way!

The MotherHOOD is for you if you are ready to be part of an exceptional MotherHOOD of women, all real, all trying their best, and wanting a little bit more for themselves and their families each month.

Much mama love!!

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama, Healthy Mama Lover



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