2022 I LOVE YOU!

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2022

I'm so happy to be BACK!!

It feels so exciting to pen this blog again... and that time I had away has been an absolute blessing! But now it's time to get stuck into my love story ... for 2022!

I don't know about you, but the more I stopped, the easier it was to listen internally. 

This year I'm taking in the mantra... 2022 I LOVE YOU!

Because the more love I can infuse on my outward space, the more I feel in my inward self. And the more I feel that connection within, the more I know what I'm supposed to bring into the world.

This year in our little Unfck world, is going to be B.I.G.

It's all kicking off with my 3 hour planning session next week!  This is aimed to work at kickstarting your year the way you want it... not some outside in force.

How long since you've asked yourself these questions?

1. What is my body telling me?

2. What does my body need?

3. What does my soul crave?

4. If there were no expectations placed on me in the day to day - what do I really want for myself right now?


Now I know these are big questions, but I have sat with them on our travels, and it brought me to this!

With this big vision, I'm bringing it for mum's this year.

First up is my kickstart planning day, its 1 week today and is 3 hours for YOU. 

Secondly, I'll be opening the doors to my 6 Week Mama Reset program for the first time since August 2021 at the end of January... and I can't wait to sink into this. Watch for the opening soon (I'm pretty sure you won't miss it). 

Thirdly... my first ever book comes out on the 1st of April, but sssshhhh.... I'm not telling everyone yet. It's written to help mums recover from the last few years, overcome the overwhelm, burnout and stress and reclaim their health vitality and joy! Sooo excited for this! There will be book launch events around Australia, so watch out for these!

In conjunction with this, I'll be opening the doors to my membership as a brand new exciting place for mums to grow and share together. This is where you will have access to me and my team in a much bigger way. Like The Mother Hood on steroids 

My podcast will begin firing up again at the beginning of february, and will be delivering all the goods for easy listening on the move to supercharge your health and self this year!

And finally, for the second half of the year I'll be hosting a bespoke 5 month coaching for a maximum of 10 mums who are high performing in their work life, and need to relive the balance again, I'm so excited for this!

Rest has taught me I need to work smarter, not harder, and I can't wait to inspire more of you on how to do just that!

I'm hopeful that over this summer period you have been able to prioritise rest and getting those amazing parasympathetic nerves back in a state of even flux with your sympathetics, and bring some BALANCE (Yes it is a neurological thing ) back into your world.

And a final tip, don't forget your water  in this hot weather, your body will show you how much it needs it if you just keep asking the question.

Much Mama Love,

Dr Ali

Chiro, Mama and Supporter of You.


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