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I help overwhelmed and stressed Allied Health business owner mums to regain health & vitality in their life and profitability in their business.

I help overwhelmed and stressed Allied Health business owner mums to regain health & vitality in their life and profitability in their business.

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FLASH SALE! Working Mama Reset available for $97 (normally $297), for a limited time!

Attention working mothers in the health care industry!

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed trying to balance your career and family life?

  • Do you struggle to find time for yourself and your own well-being?

It's time to take control, creating a values driven practice and supporting yourself to live your knowledge!

It's time to take control, creating a values driven practice and supporting yourself to live your knowledge!

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I'm ready to dive into coaching as a Health Business Mama

As a working mother in the health care industry, you understand the importance of taking care of others, but it's just as important to take care of yourself. That's why I offer 2 keyways to support yourself to achieve better work-life balance, reach your full potential and to LIVE THE KNOWLEDGE.

I offer personalised coaching services for working mum health professionals. This coaching includes business, profitability and health coaching. We will dive deeply into your business and discover how to design your personalised values driven practice, creating it to allow you to live the life you desire... not the pre-determined life you think a business owner has to have. 

The second way is a 90-day program for working mum business owners in allied health, including an all inclusive retreat, occurring Sep/Oct/Nov in 2023. Watch this space. 

I want to empower you with knowledge and support you to live it. So, you aren't just dragging your way through everyday... you are excited to show up for yourself, your clients, and your family!

Work with Dr Ali

Health Business Mama Coaching

Dr Ali works exclusively with working mums in allied health to support their business, health and family dreams come to fruition.

She coaches in 3, 6 or 12 month blocks, and brings her 20 years of business, allied health and motherhood experience to support all working mums in health!


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Profit Plan Workshop

Dr Ali has been working with working mums, and is a highly successful allied health business owner for the last 17 years.

She has developed her signature 10 step profit-plan strategy for outrageously successful allied health businesses, that also looks after YOU... the working mum. If you are ready to make business work for you, click below.

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90 Day Mastermind

Immerse yourself for 90 days in a small group coaching setting with other allied health working mum professionals.

Expanding on the key elements of Dr Ali's 10 step business strategy program, we dive into the humanity, the self, the systems and the connections that will allow you to soar in practice and in life. 



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Workshop Mama Life

Are you a health professional working with working mothers? Do you need to improve your skills, change your lens, and learn how to support this very unique group of our population.

This 4-module online learning course provides you with the background learning, research, marketing strategy and workshop pro-forma to deliver exceptional care to this amazing population in our community.

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To get you started on health & heart journey!

 I'm a mother, a chiropractor, a connector and I love helping mums bring back their health & heart to their motherhood journey. 

I believe that the social expectations of motherhood are driving a burnout and health-crisis in our mothers. I've both recovered from burnout, and helped 1000's of mothers in my practice over the last 20 years. 

I graduated from RMIT University in 2002, and since then have been working with mum's and their children to reclaim their health & self. I've been in private practice since 2003, and currently practice in regional QLD.

I now work with women across the globe to spark the joy and fun back into their day, to thrive again, to connect with the families and communities, and to find that living a healthy, vibrant and vital life doesn't have to be hard... in fact it can be downright easy.





MAMA RESET is an 8-week, interactive, immersive video-based program that teaches smart, simple, effective strategies to UnFck your motherhood experience. 

It’s designed and developed with 21 years of chiro-patient, one-on-one, hands-on experience, expertise, and knowledge in helping mothers to live a better life. 

Whether you’re a brand-new in the working mother space, or still learning along the way, the program will have you thinking differently about motherhood. 

If you want to live more potently, feel more alive and enjoy enriched memories with your family, this program is for you. 



In this podcast I will be chatting all things working mum life. How to navigate it, how to thrive through it, how to find some health and your self again. I will be joined by some amazing guests, but welcome to this new podcast adventure!

I really hope you enjoy this journey with me!





Dr Ali's first book, guiding Working Mums back to a life they can love again, with self-love, health ad her signature 5 Pillars of Healthy Motherhood, is available now!

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