The "How To" of Healthy Motherhood.

A Masterclass.




Each month in my The Mother Hood Membership, there is an evidence informed masterclass with a health or mothering professional. 

This month, I am presenting my How To Guide for a Healthy Motherhood, and I just know that there are more of you out there that would love to learn these tips too.

Imagine how full of life, joy, energy and enthusiasm you can bring to your self and your motherhood journey with simple changes.


In this masterclass I will cover the:

- what is health and healthy?

- why YOU need to come before MAMA

- how to make changes without increasing your stress load

- how to make these shifts sustainable.

- identifying mother guilt, and tools to navigate this differently to help you integrate your self and your health back into motherhood.



This masterclass is designed to help you learn what health is, how to find it in a busy day, how to make the changes easy, and to allow this positive shift into motherhood.

If this sounds like something you need to learn to reinvigorate your motherhood and to empower yourself moving forward, then come and hang out.


For only $27 you will come away with tools that could navigate your way from the overwhelm, the tiredness, the energy zap into a strong and healthy motherhood!


Grab your spot now!

Hey I'm Dr Ali

I've spent the last 18 years working with women and their children in my private practice. In that time, I have collated together a lot of information to help guide mothers in their motherhood journey. 

 During 2020 I shifted my focus to help mum's navigate motherhood, to re-create the community that has been lost to our generation of mothers, and with that to unlock the health potentials of mothers that has been lost through stress, busy-ness and overwhelm.

This workshop is designed to empower you with a new appreciation for health, know how and easy to implement tools to integrate into your motherhood, to reclaim it, and spark your healthy self moving forward.

It's so easy to lose ourselves, the power in our motherhood comes from embracing the change and thriving forward.

This masterclass is part of my monthly The Mother Hood Membership.

Are you ready to step into the truth of your healthy Motherhood?

Are you ready to learn how your body is has changed, how health is different now, and how you can make small easy steps to reclaim your health moving forward?

This this is the Masterclass for you!

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